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Brady Hoke: I'd start Devin Gardner over Johnny Manziel


07:47 AM ET 09.07 | Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he'd give the starting nod to one of his own current players over Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning. the Michigan head coach was asked by the host to finish a sentence that began with "If Johnny Manziel's your quarterback" Hoke's response? "If Johnny Manziel's our quarterback, he'd probably be playing behind Devin Gardner. "I've got a lot of faith in him," the UM coach said.


Johnny Manziel, Getty Images Johnny Manziel, Getty Images
September 7, 2013  08:01 AM ET

Let me be the first to comment on this one.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 7, 2013  08:07 AM ET

Manziel is a Denard with an accurate throwing arm. And coach Hoke sure stuck with D Robinson's sloppy luck.

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September 7, 2013  08:10 AM ET

Yeah that comment is a real surprise.

September 7, 2013  08:24 AM ET

Really no other answer to such a dumb question I suppose. But I'm getting irritated by coach Hoke's lack of respect for the current Irish defense.

And dont tell he watched the Bama debacle last January,, Michigan took the same beating Notre Dame did against that jr NFL team down south.

Just under 12 hours til kickoff. Heated rivalry or not Van woke up with morning wood and is more than ready for this early matchup!


September 7, 2013  08:28 AM ET

Even though they will be putting a beat down on a certain independent team today, a thrashing like not seen in a long time.

The Irish win by 3 TD's tonight, And you can bet your full birds on that one Colonel sir.

September 7, 2013  08:58 AM ET

... Heated rivalry or not Van woke up with morning wood...

Go make your toilet and relieve yourself of the problem. Prepare to be violated in the Big House.

September 7, 2013  09:06 AM ET

I'm getting bored with all these Manziel threads. They pull up in groups of five, and at any given time you will see at least one or two if not three Manziel threads.

September 7, 2013  09:17 AM ET

Keep the Irish-Michigan talk going, I got plenty of popcorn.

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September 7, 2013  09:37 AM ET

Manziel is a joke and Notre Dame is a bigger joke. Every year they start over ranked and after their service academy schedule they get voted into a bowl game where they get blasted by an SEC school. Only thing worse than ND is their fans who never set foot on campus.

September 7, 2013  09:45 AM ET
QUOTE(#11): watching the game today?

Mornin', WAMU. If SDSU/tOSU, probably not. Gotta hunt down and install a used electric dryer for the old one that died on me. Disassembled it and pulled the motor. Replacement motor costs ~$155. Almost less trouble to go out and buy a brand-new one. My neighbor has a used one in storage that he'll give me for free. Just have to load it up and bring it home.

Be that as it may...GO BUCKS! Sacrifice the Aztecs!

September 7, 2013  09:46 AM ET

Keep the Irish-Michigan talk going, I got plenty of popcorn.

for sure

September 7, 2013  09:49 AM ET

Keep the Irish-Michigan talk going, I got plenty of popcorn.

Just trying to get a rise out of Van. Guess he already had a rise this morning. You'd think I'd be on the side of the Domers. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that. Not today. I'm sticking with the B1G. I want TSUN to beat the Frightened Irish and do so in convincing fashion.

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September 7, 2013  10:05 AM ET

The Buckeyes shouldn't have any problems w/ SDSU. Although I'd like to see the D play a little better.

Hate to say it, but style points are critical the rest of the way for tOSU. Win ugly, and slip even more in the polls.

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