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Miami Heat interested in signing Michael Beasley


05:01 PM ET 09.07 | The first time Michael Beasley was a member of the Miami Heat, it went woefully wrong. They're hoping the second time will be the charm. According to reports, the Heat are interested in bringing back Michael Beasley, who was recently released by the Phoenix Suns. Talent hasn't really been the issue for Beasley, rather, work ethic and well, everything not related to talent. Could LeBron James and company keep him in line and bring the potential out of him? Have to figure it's a low risk, high reward scenario for the Heat.

Michael Beasley, Getty Images Michael Beasley, Getty Images
September 7, 2013  09:54 PM ET

Since he can be had for a relatively cheap price, he'll have half a dozen good teams after him in pretty short order......

September 7, 2013  10:09 PM ET

He needs to be where he is a starter...

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September 8, 2013  12:03 AM ET

He needs to be where he is a starter...

He just needs to be where there is good pot.

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September 8, 2013  07:17 AM ET

And where he can buy it and smoke it without getting caught.

LeBron will get him a police escort to buy the best pot in South Florida

September 8, 2013  09:03 AM ET

Depends if Wade signs off on his return...

September 8, 2013  09:13 AM ET

Can You Go Home Again, Bro?

September 8, 2013  10:02 AM ET

Just what the Heat need....a distraction.

September 8, 2013  10:53 AM ET

Some similarities to the Spurs re-acquiring Stephen Jackson, although Beasley will be gotten for close to the nba min and can do more for the Heat than Jackson could do for the Spurs.

If he can keep his lid on and accept less playing time, this would be a great deal. If he flips out and gets waived as a result, not that big of a hit, as the Heat have shown they can win w/o him.

September 8, 2013  11:22 AM ET

So... A guy with a weed problem could be brought to Miami. *nods* Okay... Alrighty then... :^J

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September 8, 2013  01:58 PM ET

Hey, while they're at it, Liggins has been released by OKC ... and maybe Hernandez can be convinced to resume his basketball career while he's still this side of the prison walls.

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September 9, 2013  09:41 AM ET

.......He's 6'7- 6'8.So.......he'll backup Bron and Bosh and take all Battier's minutes until the playoffs roll around.

Actually, he's closer to 6'10".....and yes, he'll back-up James, and Bosh, and Wade, and take a LOT of Battier's minutes......maybe up to and into the playoffs.

Providing, of course, that he doesn't get another hit on the drug testing or get arrested... :^J

September 9, 2013  12:36 PM ET

a scumbags joins a team of scumbags

September 9, 2013  04:16 PM ET

Seems to be a buyers market it the NBA and other sports lately. Teams no longer want a guy to start and end his career with them any more. Now most players will have 3 to 5 team jersey attributed to them by the time their career is over. That being said. Riley has never been considered a fool. Everyone in the East has geared up to take them down, why not roll the dice on Beasley? Young man has talent, hopefully he develop the needed maturity playing with LeBron and company. Winning a World Championship does wonders for one's view on Life.


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