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Doc Rivers: Kendrick Perkins trade was Celtics mistake


10:45 AM ET 09.14 | Doc Rivers returned to TD Garden on Wednesday night. The former coach of the Celtics served as a co-chair of the Action for Boston Community Development's Hoop Dreams charity event and spent the evening shaking hands, signing autographs and sharing stories about his time in Boston. Rivers acknowledged that the 2011 Kendrick Perkins-Jeff Green trade was a mistake that ultimately hurt Garnett. "I think so," reflected Rivers, "because we needed the toughness. The one thing we did by losing Perk was we removed Kevin's protector. I didn't think it was a coincidence that, after Perk left, that Kevin got into all those little flicks with the other teams. Perk deflected all that."


Doc Rivers, Getty Images Doc Rivers, Getty Images
September 14, 2013  11:00 AM ET

Thanks for admtting this Doc. I sill think the trade cost my Celts a title.

September 14, 2013  11:01 AM ET

When will Doc learn to shut up and leave the past alone? Doc just incriminated himself in the Cs failure because it seems like he didn't know how to game plan w/ the players he had. He didn't adjust and kept dwelling in the past. Move on Doc and concentrate w/ your new team. Take some part of the blame because you were the leader even after the championship and after Perkins was traded.

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September 14, 2013  11:28 AM ET

They went to the Finals with Perk. He quietly does the dirty work but he's far from flashy.

It was a mistake but as a coach he shouldn't have let that linger and worked w/ what he had. They still had great pieces. Perkins should have not been an excuse for Doc to fail.

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September 14, 2013  11:45 AM ET

Probably true. I suspect this is just Doc lobbing another grenade at Ainge, lol.

Yup, but he is making himself look real bad in return. He freaking got paid big time and he was the coach. It just shows that he wasn't that great of a coach. His players made him look good. I think the loss of Thibs to the Bulls hurt the Cs more then losing Perkins.

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September 14, 2013  12:09 PM ET

I've always felt that also. Thibs went and turned Chicago into a powerhouse.Doc won't have KG or Thibs this time. He is sort of starting from scratch. It's going to be interesting to see if he can make the Clips into a defensive team.

I think he'll do well unless he continues to live in 2008. He has the best coach on the floor right now. I don't know if he'll do much coaching. If the team don't improve than he is not doing his job.

September 14, 2013  12:16 PM ET

I don't think Ainge would disagree one bit with that opinion.

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September 14, 2013  12:21 PM ET

I think everyone was already aware of this, but thanks for bringing it up, Doc.

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September 14, 2013  01:23 PM ET

Bottom line - Ainge has been a disaster as GM other than the KG trade. Which was really a gift from McHale. His draft picks have been terrible, his free agent signings awful - and most important, instead of encouraging Doc to retire and installing Thibodeau as coach he let Tom leave.

And Doc had better shut up until he demonstrates he can coach - personally I think he will be exposed as vastly over rated.

September 14, 2013  01:39 PM ET

Pulled this one from the archives did we?

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