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Sandusky attorney asks court to overturn conviction


07:27 AM ET 09.18 | The Jerry Sandusky trial may be a receding memory in some parts, but it remains top-of-mind in others. An attorney for [Sandusky] argued before a Superior Court panel this afternoon that the former Penn State University coach's convictions of sexually abusing children should be thrown out because of errors at trial. Sandusky, who was not present in the Luzerne County Courthouse, was sentenced in October 2012 to at least 30 years in state prison for his conviction on 45 counts of sexual abuse. Attorney Norris Gelman told the panel of three judges that the trial judge was wrong when he declined to tell jurors they should consider the lag between the incidents of sexual abuse and when the victims told authorities. "None of them, none of them made a prompt report," Mr. Gelman said.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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September 18, 2013  08:14 AM ET

Standard lawyerly procedural stuff. Nothing to see here.

September 18, 2013  08:21 AM ET

Sadly, this is a veiled attempt at blaming the victims. It is well documented that most victims of sexual abuse find it difficult to report it. It is especially true of young victims who are abused by an authority figure. This lawyer knows this of course, but it doesn't stop him from suggesting that the victims are really opportunists.

September 18, 2013  08:27 AM ET

Good grief. Kill yourself, Sandusky.

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September 18, 2013  09:26 AM ET

Sarcasm thy name is Bearcat...

September 18, 2013  09:33 AM ET

Standard lawyerly procedural stuff. Nothing to see here.

This should take all of 1/2 second for the judge to deny.

September 18, 2013  09:41 AM ET

......but it doesn't stop him from suggesting that the victims are really opportunists.

see: Trayvon Martin's parents

September 18, 2013  09:51 AM ET

Do's Sandusky want that he's having the time of his life in prison with the young men.

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September 18, 2013  10:14 AM ET

Free Jerry Sandusky and forgive him.

Thank you, Jerry Sandusky.

September 18, 2013  11:04 AM ET

Good grief. Kill yourself, Sandusky.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Do "EVERYONE" a favor and give Sandkusky a dose of "Lethal injection"!!!!!

September 18, 2013  11:51 AM ET

The courts are a joke. Whether there were some trial errors or not, it does not change what was done......I guess guilty means nothing anymore.......just the best lawyer who can play the best legal game matters.........disgusting.

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September 19, 2013  01:01 AM ET

The Paterno's are funding Sandusky's defense fund and hoping Sandusky does get released and cleared of all wrong-doing, not just because they personally want to see a child raping marathon ripping tiny **** apart across all of penileveinia, and not only because they think Sandusky is innocent and just enjoys playful naked tickling of young boys in Penn St.'s shower room, but because then everyone will bow down before Joe Paterno's statues again and they can reap the financial benefit. What a pathetic paterno lot.

Just 1 week ago today people were posting on USC's revered message board that Silas Redd should regret leaving Penn St. because SC stinks, that was of course after the child molestation stuff (which is pretty sickening) but the gratifying part (for non PSU people anyway (since Penn St. fans enjoy sodomy of children)) was that Penn St. lost to Central Florida at home. Nope Nittany perverts, Silas Redd does not regret leaving Penile St., and for non-football reasons alone.


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