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Ellsbury 'very confident' in return


07:18 AM ET 09.19 | Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury greets the home stretch of this regular season with optimism. [Ellsbury] has been sidelined with a non-displaced compression fracture in his right foot, but is "very confident" he'll be back soon. Ellsbury spoke with reporters at Fenway Park on Wednesday. ... [Said Ellsbury:] "The doctors are very pleased with how fast I'm recovering." Ellsbury wouldn't say what doctors have him doing, and by all accounts he has not begun to run the bases or take batting practice. But the speedy outfield feels he has made significant progress in his rehab, and is excited at the thought of returning to the lineup. "I feel very confident and I'm making quick progress," he said. "I'm trying to push the envelope with them, but they always have to tell me to slow down."

CBS Boston

Jacoby Ellsbury, Getty Images Jacoby Ellsbury, Getty Images
September 19, 2013  07:43 AM ET

Ellsbury acquired the reputation of taking his time in recovering from injuries and going MIA from the club. This time it looks different. He's speaking to reporters from Fenway. Boras wants him playing on the big stage that is the playoffs.

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September 19, 2013  08:13 AM ET

By the way - just had to post this little excerpt..... GO RAYS!!!!!!!!! GO CARDS!!!!!!!

Sports fans are a special breed. People who write letters to newspapers are also a special breed. When these two worlds collide, hilarity can often enuse. That was the case with a Letter to the Editor in Tuesday???s SF Gate. A couple of 49ers fans were so upset about the crowd noise their team had to endure during Sunday???s game in Seattle, they suggested the NFL institute a punishment.

Their solution: ???The visiting team may stop the game when fan noise is greater than a specified decibel level, and should this rule be violated in more than three games, no home games will be played at the offending field for the rest of the season, including playoff games. Things would quiet down.???

Yes, I???m sure the NFL is getting right on that. (Thanks to Brien A., of Olympia, Wash., and Derek Einhaus, of Port Orchard, Wash., for the tip.)

September 19, 2013  08:21 AM ET

Workout just enough to be ready for the playoffs, You've got the division, let it ride, maybe a start the last game or two to get ready for the playoffs..... perfect rehab starts.....

September 19, 2013  08:27 AM ET

His agent is writing the script. Boras and Ells are positioning for the FA season.

September 19, 2013  08:28 AM ET

The guy's a walking Mash Unit!!!!!

September 19, 2013  08:48 AM ET

Future Cub.

September 19, 2013  08:56 AM ET

Watched the film again of him fouling off of his foot. Ouch!
That said, contract year, usually he would be done for the year.

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September 19, 2013  09:03 AM ET

On every thread, apparently.

That's how ludicrous it was... apologies...... carpet bombed the MLBs with it.... probably because I'm a Seahawks fan...... ;-)

September 19, 2013  09:03 AM ET

Looks like a front runner for TotD.....

September 19, 2013  09:08 AM ET

Sorry about the Indians Slink..... hopefully they can keep scratching.....

September 19, 2013  09:12 AM ET

Future Cub.


September 19, 2013  09:13 AM ET

Damn, I just looked at the Indians schedule. And while I had heard it was light - I didn't know it was this light. They better go no worse than 8-2......

September 19, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Damn, I just looked at the Indians schedule. And while I had heard it was light - I didn't know it was this light. They better go no worse than 8-2......

4 w/ Houston
2 w/ CWS
4 @ MIN

Oh my......

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