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Chris Smith: I'm not here to babysit J.R.


07:17 AM ET 10.11 | As Chris Smith sees it, he's a basketball player. [Smith has heard the whispers] that suggest the only reason he's on the Knicks training camp roster again is to babysit his big brother, J.R. It's something that's both frustrating and motivating. "Everybody just thinks I'm here because of J.R. But I'm here because [the Knicks] see potential me," Smith said. "It's very tough dealing with that. But at the same time I have to keep it moving." ... J.R. Smith is suspended for the first five games of the season for violating the league's drug policy. And while he's not his "brother's keeper," Chris Smith said, he remains supportive. He expects J.R. to have a big year despite the suspension. "It's was a blessing watching him play last year," he said, "but this year he has a lot of energy and a lot of vendettas to settle."

New York Post

J.R. Smith, US Presswire J.R. Smith, US Presswire
October 11, 2013  07:23 AM ET

Wanna bet ????

October 11, 2013  07:34 AM ET

Was Bad News Barnes not available to help?

October 11, 2013  07:54 AM ET

"Chris Smith: I'm here to win Jgb's heart back"...

That's a better headline!

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October 11, 2013  08:45 AM ET

who is Dolan?

a guy who gives JR Smith a huge extension when he is bound for knee surgery and a drug suspension- bidding against himself for a guy who partied through the playoffs and crapped on his team.

just unreal.

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October 11, 2013  08:55 AM ET

The window of opportunity for the Knicks to be a playoff team is closing. Dolan had no choice but to resign JR since there was nothing better on the market willing to play second fiddle to the ball hog Melo.

the only thing the Knicks have going for them is that after these next 2 seasons the slate is mostly clear.

However, if Melo leaves- who is going to want to come play for a scorched earth, just downright terrible roster?

and who is going to actually have confidence that Dolan can do it right when he has done it wrong so many times over?

Doc is actually right about one thing- the Knicks will continue to be a short-sighted, always in a hurry, build it wrong franchise until Dolan is removed. Donnie Walsh ALMOST had them on the right track until he got under cut by stupidity and than forced out.

If they would have given Donnie an extra year or two the Knicks could easily be a force- sporting CP3, Melo, a couple solid lotto picks, and cap room to add to the team.

instead they took the hurried approach, spent like drunken sailors on mediocre players in order to do it in a hurry.....and when you cut corners- you get a team like the Knicks-

Jr Smith, Bargnanin, Chandler all making a ton of money- and none being a significant stud player to team with Melo.

October 11, 2013  09:27 AM ET

It is what it is. The Bricks knew what they were getting when they signed JR. He won't change.

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October 11, 2013  09:38 AM ET

Without Him You're Nothing, Bro.

October 11, 2013  09:43 AM ET

Wanna bet ????

I'm not a betting

October 11, 2013  09:45 AM ET

Dolan can use a babysitter too...

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October 11, 2013  01:03 PM ET

All teams have a short window these days unless you are lucky enough to draft a franchise player and they choose to stayNY was nowhere, they were the #2 seed last year....With LBJ in his prime..... no one is winning but himAt least knick fans had some good

Boy you could fit right in with San Diego fans (NFL or MLB). They have got used to settling for "some good". At least they can go to the beach and have some brews after yet another playoff meltdown (playoffs, did I say playoffs?).

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October 11, 2013  07:45 PM ET

It is what it is. The Bricks knew what they were getting when they signed JR. He won't change.


October 11, 2013  09:49 PM ET

Really Chris Smith? Really? He's as delusional as James Dolan was for giving J.R that contract extension.


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