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Howard heckled and booed overseas


07:17 AM ET 10.11 | Not only are Kobe Bryant and the Lakers popular in North America, but also around the world -- including the Philippines. Dwight Howard, playing an exhibition game Thursday at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines, received scattered boos and "Kobe" chants as the Houston Rockets faced the Indiana Pacers, according to InterAKTV. The Rockets won handily, 116-96, but Howard struggled with nine points, five fouls and four turnovers in about 24 minutes. Howard was applauded on his lone free throw make in four tries. After one season with the Lakers, Howard left for the Rockets in free agency. ... The taste Howard received in the Philippines will undoubtedly be nothing compared to his reception at Staples Center when the Rockets visit Feb. 19.

Los Angeles Times

Dwight Howard, Icon Sports Dwight Howard, Icon Sports
October 11, 2013  07:21 AM ET

It's Kobe's fault....

October 11, 2013  07:34 AM ET

It's Raptor's mascot fault....


October 11, 2013  07:35 AM ET



October 11, 2013  07:52 AM ET

Filipinos just made the Lakers homer hate list of Guam and friend...

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October 11, 2013  08:41 AM ET

Lmao...The best revenge is success.

no doubt.

I mean, it is kinda funny- and watching Dwight try and work through all this crap will be highly entertaining.

Maybe like Andy Dufraine he will have to crawl through a tunnel of foulness he cannot even imagine to end up clean on the other side......

on the other hand....with his clutchness....i could easily see a team that is solid but not great but just has a bunch of crafty vets like the Mavericks giving it to Houston who has no real cameraderie or stability because of Morey's constant moves.

At some point it stops being fantasy basketball and Morey needs to put a team on the floor that can mesh- i think something like 4/5 of their roster has turned over pretty much every third years since he has been there- and with their backup center and possibly Lin on the move it does not look like it is ending anytime soon.

I believe it will be at least 2 seasons before Harden and Howard have a stable core around them to be championship contenders. But who knows- the Celtics came together in 1 year and won it in 07 so its definitely possible.....then again, Pierce/Allen/Garnett all were older guys who were mature at that point -

its why I have the Rockets in the 2nd half of Wests teams behind

1. Spurs
2. Grizz
3. Okc
4. LAC
5. Golden State
6. Houston
7. Dallas
8. Minne

Those top 4 out West can easily be switched to any position in my mind as well- ill give the Spurs the benefit of the doubt right now because of last year and everyone coming back healthy- with Splitter and Leanord and Green taking steps up.

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October 11, 2013  09:35 AM ET

It's A Laker Laker World, Bro.

October 11, 2013  09:47 AM ET

I'm not sure it's Asia so much as a Philippines thing. LA has a huge Philippino population.I think the Rockets have a big fan base in China from the Yao years and now Lin.

Boo or no boo... he's getting paid...

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October 11, 2013  09:56 AM ET

Good morning, FN..the Curator is IN.

MMA, Mecca, Lostwill, I Love LA, Tyrion, jgb and Eli....good morning.

I can only say one thing about this thread...what you dish out will come back to haunt you. Howard has ruined everywhere that he has gone because of his desire to be seen and heard (a lot). He ruined the locker room in Orlando (got the coach/gm fired), ruined the locker room in LA (I believe he got Brown fired, personally, along with Kobe, though why they hired Brown in the first place is beyond me), and he'll fracture the locker room in Houston if they let him once he thinks it's not about him. Super-talented player with an ego as large as he is. Too bad, because I really wish Houston well.

October 11, 2013  09:59 AM ET

Did you guys see what Pau said about his next contract?When the Lakers talk about signing 2 max guys next season, I didn't think they meant Pau and Kobe...lmaoNeither of these guys is getting a max deal. But, Kobe will be brought back at a fair price.In the interest of the Lakers maximizing their financial flexibility, would Gasol accept taking a significant paycut? ???Probably not,??? he said. ???You have to explore your options, but I would like to continue to play for the Lakers and maybe finish my career here. But you have to see the cards on the table.???

Pau has drastically over-estimated his value. He is NOT the Pau Gasol of several years ago; he can't jump anymore (not that he jumped that much before), and he plays w-a-a-y too soft for a seven footer who has shown that he CAN bang and be a force down low when he wants to. No team is going to spend max money on an aging player like Pau Gasol, and that includes the Lakers.

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October 11, 2013  10:45 AM ET

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday.


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