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Oladipo challenged by Vaughn


07:21 AM ET 10.18 | This year, Orlando Magic officials will grade Victor Oladipo on a curve. [They know he will] struggle at times during his rookie season, especially since Oladipo is learning how to run an offense as a point guard. Wednesday was one of those rough nights. In 20 minutes during the Magic's 108-104 preseason loss to the Houston Rockets, he finished with nine points on 3-of-12 shooting. He had three assists and just one turnover. Magic coach Jacque Vaughn liked Oladipo's activity in transition and his on-ball defense. Still, Vaughn sees room for improvement. "I want him to be more aggressive, attack the rim even more," Vaughn said. "I want him to think 'aggressive' from the time he laces up his shoes in the morning until the time he takes them off at nighttime."

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Victor Oladipo, Icon Sports Victor Oladipo, Icon Sports
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October 18, 2013  08:51 AM ET

I hope the experiment works out. They are sliding Harkless over to SG so Harris can play the SF position instead of PF. If everyone can play well they will have a big athletic team in the back court.

That's a pretty good starting 5 w/ Vucevic at C or PF. That Gladness kid can really play defense. Great shot blocker.

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October 18, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Yeah he's a great shot blocker. In Dallas the started their future young guys who are all 23 and under. Maybe in a couple of years they can grow into something.

Oladipo is for real. He has the body of RW but he does really need to be aggressive. If he can get a consistent jumper than he will be pretty tough to defend.

October 18, 2013  10:19 AM ET

I'd like to see him be a success.....but I'm just finding it hard to buy-in to all the 'Oladipo hype'.

October 18, 2013  10:23 AM ET

Lakers Need A Point Guard, Bro.

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October 18, 2013  11:21 AM ET

It is rare for an attacking guard to be able to convrrt to the point.By asking him to be a pg, you take away that natural tendency to do what he's always done.Changing your game at the pro level is HARDRow has done it....but people still complain that hes too selfish

Yeah, RW is the best case scenario for Oladipo. Changing your game is very hard, but he seems like a really hard worker to go along with his crazy athleticism. I could see it happening for him.

October 18, 2013  12:11 PM ET

JV is funny. This was a guy who was a coaches dream because the coach knew JV would not deviate from the task at hand, but in the light of day JV had ZERO offensive game. If he wasn't taking a lau up he wasn't going to score. Lighten up JV, from what I've seen of VO I think he will be his own harshest critic. The kid has what it takes to make it in the NBA and really don't think he intends resting on his laurels. Hard work from someone who appears grounded is nothing less than he expects of himself so I don;t think there is a reason to challenge him.
let him feel his way through and he'll know when he has the green light to become the team leader which I expect to happen by next season.Till then remember, his NOT JV, he's VO, so don't over coach him or you will certainly ruin him. PG's make the worse coaches because the notoriously want the PG to be molded in their image. Don't be one of those guys.

October 18, 2013  03:28 PM ET

Given that he'll most likely be playing 40+ minutes, Oladipo is probably the front runner for ROY at season start.

October 18, 2013  07:09 PM ET

ROY, Mark My WOrds..Bruh


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