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Baker waiting on a call from the Tigers


07:20 AM ET 10.22 | With Jim Leyland announcing he'd be stepping down, out came many of the candidates one might expect in speculation to replace him. Dusty Baker heard from GM Dave Dombrowski about a managerial opportunity a quarter of a century ago. He'd be thrilled to hear from him again now. Perhaps more than anyone else available to the Detroit Tigers, Baker has two stand-out qualifications to manage them next season: He has considerable experience at managing both championship teams and the biggest of stars. Baker today expressed interest in the Tigers brand-new managerial opening. ... "I've always respected Dave Dombrowski and what Dave has accomplished," Baker said. "I have the ultimate respect and friendship for Jim Leyland. I'd be flattered and honored to be given such an opportunity."

Detroit Free Press

Dusty Baker, Getty Images Dusty Baker, Getty Images
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October 22, 2013  08:50 AM ET

Dusty is really desperate for a job. He needs to chill.

October 22, 2013  09:12 AM ET

who are those championship teams you refer to? did I miss the part where he won a world series as a manager? he could not even win a playoff series with the Reds which is one of the reasons he was would be sad to see him ruin yet another powerful arm like verlander but if given the chance he could not resist letting him throw 150 pitches a game. and he would revamp the starting lineup to make sure the fastest 2 guys always bat 1 and 2 in the order whether they can hit or not. and it would be fun watching another fan base go nuts trying to figure out his lineups everyday. you went 3-5 last night? that's nice but you will sit today because you do not match up well against the pitcher we are facing today and we all know it's all about the match up with dusty. and I can't wait to see the reaction to him sending the starter back out when it is clear to everybody but dusty he has lost it,then watching him get lit up until the game is tied or the lead given up before he takes him out of the game. be afraid tiger fans be very afraid!

October 22, 2013  09:16 AM ET

This blurb contain one glaring inaccuracy; Baker DOES NOT have experience managing championship clubs. He has never managed a champion! How could the writer of this blurb make such a mistake? Out of many talented Giants, Cubs, and Reds teams, he has only made it to the World Series once (and lost). His other "stand out qualification" is basically allowing the stars to do whatever they want and never challenge them.

October 22, 2013  09:16 AM ET

Nope. Not in DC either where he's been campaigning for a while.

October 22, 2013  09:32 AM ET

I've been a Reds fan forever and you couldn't have more squarely hit the nail on the head. Tiger fans beware. You don't want this guy at the helm. He will ruin your starting rotation, doesn't have a clue on how to best utilize a bullpen, and shied away from inserting into the Reds lineup the most dangerous and freakishly fastest base runner in baseball - Billy Hamilton. Further, he is more concerned about being a player's manager than being the manager who might have to dole out tough love when necessary to shake the team up. If you are looking for managerial leadership, look elsewhere than Dusty Baker. And, yes, he juggles lineups without the first clue as to an answer on why last night's 3-5 hitter at number three in the lineup was moved to the seven hole. Since being fired, he has groveled publicly about wanting to manage this team or that team. Sickening. Simply look at everywhere he has been as a manager. He may get you to the dance, but there will never be a coronation. Reds fans, and finally ownership, tired of his excuses, especially when the front office had assembled a talent laden team around him.

October 22, 2013  09:46 AM ET

Keep waiting Dusty. The phone's not going to ring.

October 22, 2013  10:19 AM ET

Nope. Not in DC either where he's been campaigning for a while.

Uh uh.

October 22, 2013  11:22 AM ET

Knowing the TIGERS they will hire this F'N loser. Their are a lot of better managers than baker.

October 22, 2013  11:33 AM ET

Reds named Bill Price there new coach

October 22, 2013  11:36 AM ET

Reds named Bill Price there new coach

Bryan. Better choice than Riggleman.

October 22, 2013  11:44 AM ET


October 22, 2013  12:24 PM ET

Dusty is really desperate for a job. He needs to chill.

And chew on his endless supply of toothpicks..

October 22, 2013  07:33 PM ET

Who ever they get will inherit a good team and with a closer could go all the way.

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October 22, 2013  08:39 PM ET

Dusty... come home to LA... Dodger fans would love to see you leading the Blue

Be careful what you wish for.

October 22, 2013  09:21 PM ET

Dusty... come home to LA... Dodger fans would love to see you leading the Blue

That would be awesome. It'd suck for Kershaw and Greinke, but great for the rest of the NL West.


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