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Nuggets testing the market for Kenneth Faried


01:42 PM ET 10.23 | Kenneth Faried is entering his third year in the NBA, and he has turned himself in to a nice player. Coming out of Morehead State, Faried was an undersized power forward who set the NCAA record for rebounds. At the most he could be a guy who came off the bench and grabbed some boards. Well, he broke past those expectations, and he is the starting power forward in Denver. He is a freak athlete who can rebound and play with great energy. He never takes a play off, and he is likely wanted around the league. However, the Nuggets appeared poised to see how many teams around the league are interested in his services.

Kenneth Faried, Getty Images Kenneth Faried, Getty Images
October 23, 2013  11:37 PM ET

He's a player they shouldn't consider trading imo.

October 23, 2013  11:38 PM ET

He is a freak athlete

Test him for DRUGS!!!

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October 24, 2013  02:26 AM ET

this is strange....

does he play PF or SF? ESPN lists him as a PF on the depth chart....but, is that where he plays his actual minutes? he is listed at 6' 8"....and his first two seasons he has put up numbers of

10.2 pts and 7.7 boards


11.5 poitns and 9.2 boards

he shoots a good percentage- really a great percentage- as he shot 55% last year. As I understand he plays very good defense as well. He does not take 3's- and has no range on his shot- and shot 61% from the line last year.

-the Nuggets other front court players include JaVale McGee who is grossly overpaid and probably not movable- JJ Hickson who is a solid scorer and rebounder but a below average defender and prone to bonehead plays- Tim Mozgov is a decent backup center- Darrell Arthur is a serviceable backup big man- and SF is locked down with Gallo and Wilson Chandler....

Faried stuck around in college and is about to be 24 years old- and has absolutely 0 range- and his game is dependent on his hustle. Perhaps they do not want to invest big money on this guy- and would rather get some assets for him as long as they can get a substantial package back.

JJ Hickson- at 12.7 pts and 10.4 rebounds actually had better #'s than Faried last year- and would come at a fraction of a the cost of a what Faried will demand on his new contract- Faried of course does play a lot better defense than Hickson-

it probably comes down to- do the Nugz really want to pay top dollar for a super-garbage man that will be 24 in less than a month- when they can pay Hickson 1/3 of what Faried will cost.......

if they can get a back court player with size that would compliment Lawson it might not be a bad way to go- if they could somehow attach JaVale McGee's contract it would be even better and give them some flexibility moving forward.

everyone knows that the Nuggets took a step back by losing Iguadala and are not going to be a top 6-7 team in the West like they have been the last couple years. Maybe they look to rebuild?

October 24, 2013  02:32 AM ET

maybe something like-

Faried and McGee to New Orleans for Gordon and Anderson?

obviously other players would have to be put in to match salaries more exactly-

but Denver gets a potentially very good SG when healthy to make plays next to Lawson- they rid themselves of McGee's contract- and they pickup Anderson who----

buuuuut as soon as i wrote this i realize- you probably cannot have Anderson and Gallo on the same team- too much overalap...

anyone else think of a deal that would work for faried?

October 24, 2013  08:39 AM ET

Come To LA, Bro.

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