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Buccaneers believe Josh Freeman leaked Adderall use


08:51 AM ET 10.27 | Tampa Bay officials reiterated to NFP last week that they welcome any league investigation about who leaked word of former quarterback Josh Freeman's ADHD problems, and his use of Adderall. They will never say so publicly, but Bucs' officials believe the leak originated from the Freeman camp and was part of what they feel was a strategy to get the former first-rounder out of Tampa Bay.

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Josh Freeman, Getty Images Josh Freeman, Getty Images
October 27, 2013  08:55 AM ET

Musta come up with that crazy scheme when he finally realized all his crappy play hadn't done the trick.

October 27, 2013  09:06 AM ET

Tampa is a mess from the owner all the way down to the janitorial staff. If ever a franchise needed an colonic, it's Tampa.

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October 27, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Of course the Bucs believe it. Nothing would be worse for their look right now than if it was proved someone within their organization leaked the info.

October 27, 2013  09:21 AM ET

Tampa is a mess from the owner all the way down to the janitorial staff. If ever a franchise needed an colonic, it's Tampa.

And they've still got Schiano so they know where to insert the nozzle.

October 27, 2013  09:22 AM ET


October 27, 2013  09:23 AM ET


Besides TB fans, feel sorry for them

October 27, 2013  09:24 AM ET

So this QB who is unable to maintain a thought without the help of ADHD medications was able to figure out a way to get a team to cut him even though he had a guaranteed contract, then get another team a few days later to sign him to a new contract, thus getting 2 paydays on the season? They are trying to drop the victim card? Sorry Tampa, while you may be the victim it is like a prostitute claiming rape - it might have been but how can you tell?

October 27, 2013  09:25 AM ET

colonic = tim tebow

That's like injecting necrotizing fasciitis to cure a cold.

October 27, 2013  09:34 AM ET


October 27, 2013  09:39 AM ET

He looked like he was leaking Adderall on the field Monday Night. This story could have some legs. Maybe he doesn't have a concussion adderall (sp ).

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October 27, 2013  11:22 AM ET

OH bull. Everyone knows his agent did it not Freeman himself. LOL
IMHO he and his agent got together and trashed Tampa and the coach to get released. The thing that sucks is its the fans he screwed. They paid the money and he got out of jail free and left them holding the bag. That is called slimmy to me.

October 27, 2013  11:23 AM ET

The owners will say anything to cover their Butt!

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October 27, 2013  12:13 PM ET

Look... Let's just understand.

This guy sucks.

October 27, 2013  01:41 PM ET

I will trust Josh Freeman over Greg Schiano every single day of the week.
And twice on Sunday.

October 27, 2013  03:26 PM ET

Who cares -- Schiano is a punk --was at Rutgers as well -- but Freeman was pretty ordinary, at best, so its a win-win for both of them. Move on...if I was Ponder, I'd be dusting off my resume asap. Either way, Vikings picking a top QB next year so Freeman shouldn't get too cocky, as if he had reason.

October 27, 2013  03:30 PM ET

If I was the Vikes, I'd make a serious play for Cousins from DC and draft another value QB in the 3rd-4th round as a backup, jettison both Ponder and Freeman, and use their top two picks -- which will be quite high it looks -- for some serious beef on the line to protect them.

October 27, 2013  07:56 PM ET

The bar brawl just spilled into the street.


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