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Favorite to land the Cubs' job


07:19 AM ET 10.28 | The Cubs have begun to narrow their list of managerial candidates, but there's a chance they haven't yet met Dale Sveum's replacement. Boston Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo sounded like a guy looking forward to the interview opportunity that sources say is expected to come within a week, once the World Series ends. ... The Cubs, meanwhile, are following up with more interviews with candidates they continue to have interest in, according to sources -- including San Diego Padres bench coach Rick Renteria and Padres assistant general manager A.J. Hinch scheduled in the coming days. Renteria, 51, has also interviewed for the Seattle Mariners' vacancy and appears to be the favorite to land the Cubs' job, according to multiple industry sources.

Chicago Sun-Times

Theo Epstein, Icon Sports Theo Epstein, Icon Sports
October 28, 2013  07:41 AM ET

Cubbies need to get the right guy, The Fans deserve better!

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October 28, 2013  08:58 AM ET

Bring back Herman Franks to tell those Bleacher Bums to get a #$)*ing job!!!

October 28, 2013  10:10 AM ET

I still think it will be Dave Martinez.

October 28, 2013  10:54 AM ET

Who ever they hire the cubs will still be the cubs

October 28, 2013  12:40 PM ET

As a Rays fan, I will be happy to keep Dave Martinez. But I am really surprised he doesn't seem to be a serious candidate with more teams.

October 28, 2013  01:26 PM ET

I still think it will be Dave Martinez.

why are they not still talking about him?

October 28, 2013  01:30 PM ET

Cubs website also mentions Eric Wedge...I don't see why they would recycle someone with his record.

October 28, 2013  01:37 PM ET

Bring back Herman Franks to tell those Bleacher Bums to get a #$)*ing job!!!

Thought that was Lee Elia...

October 28, 2013  02:06 PM ET

I heard that it will be either Dusty Baker, Bobby Valentine or Ozzie Guillen...

October 28, 2013  02:49 PM ET

Given a choice between managing the Cubbies or the Tigers, Detroit is going to be far more attractive.

October 28, 2013  03:26 PM ET

why are they not still talking about him?

That's a good question for which I have no answer for.

October 28, 2013  04:11 PM ET

get serious, pay the bucks and get Joe Madden with the Rays. This guy is Chicago ready, is a proven winner with young, under funded talent. Joe is the guy, how much would it take to pry him away from Tampa, who knows but it would be money well spent. How much did they pay for Alfonso Soriano, pay Joe the money and watch the Cubbies transform into winners. These other guys are soft picks that will doom the Cubs and all of their bleacher bums

October 28, 2013  05:13 PM ET

Bobby Valentine.....

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October 28, 2013  09:51 PM ET

Ozzie Guillen

October 29, 2013  01:21 AM ET

I don't understand why everybody's tossing out Ozzie Guillen, Dusty Baker, and Bobby Valentine. Hasn't it been made expressly clear by now that all of those men are very flawed in their own ways?

Ozzie can't even avoid completely disenchanting the majority of his home market with his weird pro-communist opinions, Dusty can't win a playoff series to save his life, and Bobby V is out of his ****-ing mind crazy, and a bad influence on his own players to boot. Don't people remember how he destroyed the Red Sox for a season? I'll bet Theo Epstein noticed.

Why on earth would Theo hire any one of them?


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