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Why Fox doesn't 'give a flying flip'


07:20 AM ET 11.01 | Broncos head coach John Fox knows what the critics are saying. Here's how the story goes: It's a happy accident his NFL team averages 43 points per game, because Fox is so conservative he put the fuddy in duddy. "I don't give a flying flip," Fox told me Wednesday. "I'm going to get evaluated on how many wins and losses I have." So I asked: When he looks in the mirror, does Fox see a conservative coach? "Well, I won a lot of games being conservative," said Fox, whose victory against Washington was the 101st of his 12-year career as an NFL head coach. With Fox as coach, the Broncos have gone to the playoffs with Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning as quarterback. "Did I have to adjust a little bit from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning? Yes. But I don't know that makes me conservative. It makes me a decent coach," Fox said.

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November 1, 2013  07:37 AM ET

he only had to adjust a 'little' going from Teblow to Manning? He is a really bad liar!

November 1, 2013  07:43 AM ET

I don't give a damn that he doesn't give a flip.

November 1, 2013  08:15 AM ET

I'm flippin' happy for him...

November 1, 2013  08:18 AM ET

he only had to adjust a 'little' going from Teblow to Manning? He is a really bad liar!

Trying to get Payton the TD record.

November 1, 2013  08:19 AM ET

Flipping past this non-story.

November 1, 2013  08:35 AM ET

Jason Tarver gave a flip, twice

November 1, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Fox better hope if he see's Indy again in January he is wearing a warm coat and standing on the sideline in Denver. 2 more losses would put that in jeopardy, heck 1 more might. That little 3 game stretch after this week's bye is going to be crucial.

November 1, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Flippin' media just trying to stir something. Makes me nostalgic for the days of Howard Cosell.

November 1, 2013  10:11 AM ET

I'd like to flip ----->

November 1, 2013  10:46 AM ET

Wasn't Flipper a Dolphin?

November 1, 2013  10:48 AM ET

You go with what you've got....and so far he's done pretty well with that.

November 1, 2013  12:48 PM ET

flip the flippin flippers....

November 1, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Flip off.

November 1, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Flip you.

November 1, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Go flip yourself.

November 1, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Go flip your mother.

November 1, 2013  04:13 PM ET

Flippitty doo-dah, Flippitty ay.

My oh my, what a wonderful day.....

November 1, 2013  05:19 PM ET

I'll say this for Fox: he got playoff wins not only from Tebow, but also Jake Delhomme.

November 1, 2013  06:56 PM ET

Potty mouth!


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