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MLB calls A-Rod its worst drug offender


08:42 AM ET 11.02 | MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred called Alex Rodriguez's use of performance-enhancing drugs 'longer and more pervasive than any other player' in response to a statement issued by A-Rod earlier in the day that accused commissioner Bud Selig of 'turning a blind eye, knowing that crimes are being committed under his regime.' The charge prompted one of A-Rod's lawyers, Joseph Tacopina, to issue a rebuttal calling for Manfred to be ousted from the three-man arbitration panel hearing Rodriguez's appeal of his 211-game doping ban.

New York Daily News

Alex Rodriguez, Getty Images Alex Rodriguez, Getty Images
November 2, 2013  08:45 AM ET

And it's biggest ****-bag........

November 2, 2013  08:46 AM ET

And it's biggest ****-bag........


November 2, 2013  08:57 AM ET

There are a lot of people challenging for that title. He's a d-o-u-c-h-e; but, he's one of many.

November 2, 2013  09:05 AM ET

My, how quickly has MLB put Barry Bonds in their rear view mirror since he retired.

November 2, 2013  09:18 AM ET

How would MLB know? He failed the same number of tests since 2003 as Big Pappi. Zero. The Truth IS, MLB has no idea who does use and who doesn't based on their testing system and has ZERO interest in finding out. It is not in their best interest.

Only an investigation from an outside source even opened up this last little can of worms. How many clinics are there in how many Countries?

November 2, 2013  09:21 AM ET

When theirs a story about a-rod people from Truths and Rumors just do not write a comment about this person and he will just melt away like dog poop in the rain.

November 2, 2013  09:48 AM ET

The MLB is WAY off base here, A-Rod isn't the worst drug offender. MLB is the MLB's worst drug offender!
For years they ignored those who posted obscene numbers when everyone knew something was up, yet they turned a blind eye and enjoyed the rating ride!

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November 2, 2013  01:58 PM ET

yay ?maybe, if Arod wins his appeal- he, as compensation should demand to be commissioner

Do you really think Arod wants to have to give a deposition that WILL be public? You can bet MLB lawyers and officials are salivating at the thought of questioning him under oath.

November 2, 2013  03:30 PM ET

Do you really think Arod wants to have to give a deposition that WILL be public? You can bet MLB lawyers and officials are salivating at the thought of questioning him under oath.

MLB wants no part of a trial. The potential for reputation damage for them is light years worse than for ARod, since most people already dislike him strongly.

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November 2, 2013  03:44 PM ET

Ryan, that 20/1 testosterone level sample was messed with by some minion, Braun agrees with MLB.

November 2, 2013  04:08 PM ET

This has become pathological...its an obsession now. IMHO, this is as much about Bonds as it is Arod. Selig is still pissed off that Bonds basically waved his genitals in Bud's face, so now Arod has to pay for his embarrassment. Arod is basically the dog Bud is kicking at home after Bonds abused him at work all day. Somebody's gotta pay, and Bud has chosen Arod.

November 2, 2013  04:34 PM ET

Funny MLB has its worst drug user as well as it's WORST COMMISSIONER they go hand and hand! !!

November 2, 2013  08:37 PM ET

Blame it on The Bossa Nova!!!!

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