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The worst player in the NBA (right now)


07:25 AM ET 11.06 | Four games does not a season make, and yet the Knicks seem to be in trouble. [Four] out of 82, and logic insists -- logic demands -- that it is too early to pass judgment on the Knicks, too early to attach too much meaning to a three-game losing streak, too early to do much of anything. Four out of 82. This is still the overture. Only it doesn't feel that way, does it? "We're not getting it done right now," Carmelo Anthony said. "We've got to get this fixed," coach Mike Woodson said. ... The laundry list of laments is laughable. There is Carmelo Anthony, who continues to look like he's playing with a borrowed set of hands, who missed 18 of his 28 shots attempts. There's the sad sight of Amar'e Stoudemire, who may well be -- and this isn't easy to type -- the worst player in the NBA right now. There's the general malaise that infected the Knicks all night that was simply hard to ignore.

New York Post

Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images
November 6, 2013  07:47 AM ET

The Media Is The Worst, Bros.

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November 6, 2013  08:03 AM ET

LMAO>....But these guys were on the upswing when they signed Amare and traded for the OH SO GREAT MElo......

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November 6, 2013  08:29 AM ET

Totally disagree with the statement about Amar'e, he need the opportunity to play. 11 minutes is not enough time for a guy of his caliber. I understand that he is coming off an injury but if he's dressed, practicing, and showing up at game sitting on the bench he's ready to play. If the Knicks or whomever believe that Amar'e is the worst player in the league now; trade him and notice his value.

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November 6, 2013  08:35 AM ET

Bashing Cleveland is everyone's favorite sport. Too bad that the city is the armpit of America. And we'd do anything to get out of town but we can't.

Is it really that bad?

Just a joke bro.

November 6, 2013  08:39 AM ET

I guess Melo was so right when he said his supporting cast is not good enough to help him win the championship. Lakers will be waiting for Melo...

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November 6, 2013  08:42 AM ET

I hope DJ watched the Lakers game yesterday. I was smiling while watching the game. The Lakers had a big cheering squad and they thought they were going to win the game. Good stuff last night...

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November 6, 2013  08:43 AM ET

who ever would have thought that weed head JR smith might be the offense they need so Melo can shoot over 35% this year....( i just threw up in my mouth )

lol... They might need JR ASAP!

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November 6, 2013  08:44 AM ET

its not the supporting cast-its the structure and philosophy of the coach/ownershipthey want to play this way- feature a 'star'- and think that will generate highlights and fans/revenuethey don't understand that that isn't the way to WIN

I know but Melo said it not I. He should have shut up and just let his game do the talking.


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