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Who will Anaheim move for pitching?


07:32 AM ET 11.13 | If the Angles are going to deal a hitter, who will it be? General manager Jerry Dipoto said Tuesday that he was operating with no preconceived notions and is exploring all options in his quest to upgrade his starting pitching. Angels hitters who would bring the greatest returns are first baseman Mark Trumbo, second baseman Howie Kendrick and shortstop Erick Aybar. Kendrick, on the surface, would appear the most likely to go. His trade value probably is the highest: Nearly half of the major league teams face uncertainty at second base, and the Angels are relatively deep at the position. For starters, the Angels could try Grant Green at second. They also have two second basemen coming -- Taylor Lindsey, the 37th overall pick in 2010, and Alex Yarbrough, their fourth-rounder in 2012.

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Mark Trumbo, Icon Sports Mark Trumbo, Icon Sports
November 13, 2013  08:04 AM ET

.....whoever the angels deal, rangers will then trade for, and that player will then continue the angel-bashing tradition begun by vlady-napoli......for raqnger fans its like waiting for xmas....

November 13, 2013  08:06 AM ET

This team is crippled by the Phat Al-Hambone duo, I don't think it matters much what else they do.

November 13, 2013  08:51 AM ET

They need a lot of pitching to compete with The A's!

November 13, 2013  10:47 AM ET

Howies defense and hitting are key to the Angels. Albert is not a leader, and I am not optimistic he will return to his Cardinals form. Hamilton is still a risk. The odd man out, and best trade would be Trumbo. He can hit, but he is a liability anywhere on the field. Peter Borjus is another player that could be dealt. With Trout in center and Hamilton usually in RF, Peter coming off a leg injury might be best served by playing elsewhere. We need pitching, we have Weaver and CJ so it's really the 3-5 spot if you carry 5 starters, and a middle reliever. What we also need desperately is a catcher to back up Chris. Time for Conger to find a new home as well. By the way I say this as a multi year season seat holder.

November 13, 2013  11:38 AM ET

Howies defense and hitting are key to the Angels............

i agree that trumbo may be the odd man out and would hate to see kendrick go. but i think they need to hold on to bourjos. his most recent injury that kept him out of action was a broken wrist and he should be fine post-surgery. you have to include garret richards in the angels starting rotation and i expect big things from him next year. finally, i think conger is a solid backup with everyday potential. not to mention the fact that he has become cj wilson's personal catcher.

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November 13, 2013  01:36 PM ET

Trumbo is overrated. Yes, he hits home runs, but overall he doesn't add all that much. His career OBP is just .299. Career BA of .250. He strikes out at a high rate. His OPS of .747 in 2013 is below average for a first baseman. There's no way I would give up a solid pitcher for Trumbo.

November 13, 2013  02:18 PM ET

.....whoever the angels deal, rangers will then trade for, and that player will then continue the angel-bashing tradition begun by vlady-napoli......for raqnger fans its like waiting for xmas....

Rangers wouldn't have any interest in Kendrick or Aybar with the current Kinsler/Andrus/Profar logjam at 2B/SS. And Trumbo wouldn't be the level of offensive upgrade over Moreland that is needed at 1B, not to mention he isn't near the defensive player that Mitch has proven to be.

November 13, 2013  05:25 PM ET

Love to see Trout coming to DETROIT.

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November 13, 2013  10:19 PM ET

They need a lot of pitching to compete with The A's!

not only w/the A's but the whole league,now we all too well their top oponnents are the A's/rangers/red sox/tigers/yankees/astros/did i said astros? yes, the astros beat those meek halos the whole season,tough to acept but is the reality,,,

November 13, 2013  10:29 PM ET

Yes he is. But his power will bring pitching in return.

this player has the ability to cover three areas,one on the OF and one in the IF plus he could be at the DH spot as well,any team WHO gets him could turn him into a third basemen,and don't forget he will bring plenty offense,in the tigers stadium or red sox homeruns are coming by bunches,,

November 14, 2013  11:26 AM ET

the angels will need more than just trumbo as a trade bait,,kendrick/AYBAR/bourjos/hank konger/
this players are a few WHO could help out the halos pitching rotation,,,?


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