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Neither Wilson nor his beard will join the Yankees


07:19 AM ET 11.14 | Cross one big name off the Yankees' list. Brian Wilson, the bearded and bizarre former San Francisco Giants closer, is unwilling to adhere to the organization's well-established policy and trim his facial hair. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman learned this from Wilson's representatives during meetings this week. Wilson posted a 0.66 ERA in 18 games with the Dodgers this season after returning from Tommy John surgery. "That was volunteered to me in conversations that the beard stays on," Cashman said. And so the Yankees will look elsewhere for new relievers. They have had discussions with the representatives for Oakland closer Grant Balfour and Texas closer Joe Nathan. Cashman refuses to name David Robertson as his ninth-inning man, the heir to Mariano Rivera's throne.

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Brian Wilson, Getty Images Brian Wilson, Getty Images
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November 14, 2013  07:32 AM ET

They won't under current ownership. While the prodct on the field is clearly the critical component, fitting into the "Yankee"culture to protect their brand is important to them

November 14, 2013  07:36 AM ET

Which leads to a bigger question....when will the spanks loosen up their facial hair policy below the lip?

They won't......

Which I have no problem with..........

November 14, 2013  07:37 AM ET

Hmmm.....who's position is more asinine? The Yanks for their refusal to sign Wilson unless he shaves his beard? Or Wilson for his refusal to shave his beard to sign with the Yanks?

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November 14, 2013  08:00 AM ET

.....beard is not gray enough to be a yanker...

November 14, 2013  08:10 AM ET

.....beard is not gray enough to be a yanker...

....and he's too effective to pitch for the rump rangers...

November 14, 2013  08:11 AM ET

....and he's too effective to pitch for the rump rangers...

I wonder how long that comment will last.

November 14, 2013  08:23 AM ET

They won't......Which I have no problem with..........

Me either. Lots of businesses have "dress" codes related to hair, appearance, tattoos etc. Why should a MLB Franchise be any different? It is their business. Don't apply if you disagree.

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November 14, 2013  08:47 AM ET

Wilson will likely come all the way back and save many games this season for a contender.Keep the beard, dude.

He looked really sharp in his brief stint with the Dodgers.

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November 14, 2013  09:44 AM ET

Just plain unreasonable on both Wilson's and the Yankees part.

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November 14, 2013  09:52 AM ET

I don't think it's a matter of "what's next." It's not as if they are instituting new policies, this is something that has been in place for decades.Honestly, I kind of like it. Brian Wilson and the other players around the league who grow these ridiculous beards look like homeless B holes. I wouldn't even mind a tattoo ban - these guys with full sleeves look like they should be playing our nation's pastime in a penal league.

I kind of like that rule too. Maybe he can sign with the Star of David team.

November 14, 2013  10:05 AM ET

As a guy that has grown a winter beard for 36 years, I'm with Wilson.
The Sox used the beards as part of their marketing. Fans loved it, myself included.
While it a small sample, his ERA is very impressive.

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