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Best draft class since LeBron's


07:22 AM ET 11.19 | Last week presented college hoops fans a one-stop shop of players who might soon make for a franchise cornerstone. It is not a stretch to say that this could be the best and deepest Draft since 2003, which brought you LeBron James (No. 1 overall), Carmelo Anthony (third), Chris Bosh (fourth) and Dwyane Wade (fifth) in the top five. ... [Andrew Wiggins] has incredible upside, with a body that's still growing at 6-foot-8, with seemingly limitless potential defensively. He's the best defender right now, capable of playing multiple positions. "He's so quick at 6-8, it's ridiculous," one scout says. "[Julius Randle], he's a little bit animated, which is good and bad. But, how many true low-post guys are there these days? That guy is a bigger, quicker Zach Randolph. And I love [Jabari Parker], too."

Andrew Wiggins, Icon Sports Andrew Wiggins, Icon Sports
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November 19, 2013  08:43 AM ET

We'll see. Try outdoing the 2008 draft first. They're not too bad also.

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November 19, 2013  10:43 AM ET

This is going to be a good draft. Parker, Wiggins and Randle are way ahead of the curve. True phenoms and not one dimensional. Wiggins can play multiple positions I think the best thing is Parker and Wiggins can and want to play D already. Randle post game is advanced which is rare for a freshman and he is no weakling. Big's with no post game are the ones that struggle or tweeners. Some of the mid teen picks will be solid players as well

Parker= Offensive game of a Melo but has an all around game offense and defense of say Grant Hill. This dude is going to get buckets AND play defense. He is a cross between Melo and Hill which is a huge compliment IMO

Wiggins= Closest I can say is McGrady type athleticsm quiet calm personality but with better versatility offense and defense. He is probably a quicker version of McGrady but I think he will play slighly better defense. He will do whatever needed to win he doesn't jack shots just to shoot so that sort of reminds me of LeBron. He is probably going to get the easiest looking 20+ PPG 5reb and 5 assist

Randle= Z Bo post game which puts him above probably neck and neck with most PF's in the league.

November 19, 2013  10:57 AM ET

Beware Of Fool's Gold, Bros.

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November 19, 2013  02:02 PM ET

Zactly why Raptors need to dump Gay and DeRozan for futures and TANK. Get a lottery pick (hopefully top 5) and build with Big V, a stud this year and Terence Ross.

November 19, 2013  02:51 PM ET

but randle is not that tall.if he's only 6'7 he will have a hard time adjusting into the league.I'd take him 3rd out of the 'big 3' cause of thatthe other 2 are legit SF sizes

Man have you seen the defense being played in the NBA? Height doen't matter as much it is about strength and post skill for people that play in the post. The problem is there are so few that can play in the post it is almost forgotten. As a teenager he has post moves that are NBA level. He can faceup shoot, back to basket score, post spin, up and under, and he dribbles like a SF can score off the dribble. He is an upgraded version of Zach Randolph, much more atheltic. He has a complete offensive game, not just a dunker which means he can get his in the half court game. If that isn't NBA ready I don't know what is. Have you watched him play?

November 20, 2013  05:37 PM ET

2014 < 2003 Lets be for real


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