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Mets, Jay Z held secret meeting about Cano


07:30 AM ET 11.19 | Meet the Met? It sounds outlandish on the surface, but [Robinson Cano] put his best man on the job Monday night. Yes, it turns out Jay Z is as hands-on as promised. So hands-on he's willing to shop his client across the RFK Bridge into Flushing. The hip-hop impresario joined Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, general manager Sandy Alderson and assistant general manager John Ricco for dinner at a posh Manhattan hotel to discuss Cano's free agency, two sources familiar with the situation told The Post. Cano's group, which also featured agents Brodie Van Wagenen and Juan Perez, initiated the meeting; Cano himself didn't attend. Alderson went on record last week to say he couldn't envision the Mets taking on another player with a nine-figure contract to join David Wright, and Cano sure as heck wants nine figures.

New York Post

Robinson Cano, Icon Sports Robinson Cano, Icon Sports
November 19, 2013  08:04 AM ET

A "secret" meeting with Jay-Z prominently in attendance?

November 19, 2013  08:05 AM ET

Did they need a secret decoder ring to get in?

November 19, 2013  08:08 AM ET

A very weak attempt at leverage.

November 19, 2013  08:19 AM ET

Alderson changed his tune after watching Beyonce twerk for him close up and a $300million contract is now in the works.

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November 19, 2013  08:28 AM ET

I think the article was making reference to the money they gave to Johan Santana a few years ago.

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November 19, 2013  08:33 AM ET

Yeah, the Mets couldn't envision taking on another nine-figure salaried player.In 2013, the Mets ranked 8th in revenue, but only 28th in payroll. As a percentage of revenue, their payroll is a ridiculously low 28%. To put that into perspective, the MLB average was 42%, and the high was 69%.Considering that the Mets are a perceived high profile MLB franchise (by some, anyway), I think what they are doing is every bit as despicable as what Loria is doing down in Miami, or Crane in Houston.

Wilpon's sucking cash out of the franchise to cover his Madoff losses, isn't he?

November 19, 2013  08:33 AM ET

It was secret cause they didn't tell the interns.....

The FN interns were bussing the tables after the meeting.

November 19, 2013  08:54 AM ET

This is not going to happen unless Cano really wants a shorter deal. Would the Mets do $90mm for 3 seasons - sure maybe even $120mm for 4 years. This guys is looking for 300mm over 10 years - even factoring that down to 250 over 8 years would be way out of the Mets reach.

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November 19, 2013  08:55 AM ET

also the idea of "Jay Z" and "secret meeting" in the same sentence is funny

November 19, 2013  09:10 AM ET

also the idea of "Jay Z" and "secret meeting" in the same sentence is funny

He probably has to travel incognito quite often to avoid being killed by rivals.

November 19, 2013  10:03 AM ET

Wilpon's sucking cash out of the franchise to cover his Madoff losses, isn't he?


November 19, 2013  10:13 AM ET

It sounds like Jay Z is desperate to find someone else to bid on Cano. There just aren't many teams that have the kind of money they want.

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November 19, 2013  10:19 AM ET

How t end a meeting with JayZ. " That's a wrap"

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November 19, 2013  10:46 AM ET

Oh no, not the Muts! Maybe dinner with the A's is next?


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