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Mark Cuban: Rockets' inquiry into Dirk Nowitzki was taunting


09:37 AM ET 11.23 | Mark Cuban divulged before Friday's game against Utah that he got a strange text message in July about whether he'd be interested in trading Dirk Nowitzki. It was from the Houston Rockets. And Cuban never took it seriously. But it happened. "They didn't make an official offer," Cuban said. "They just asked if we'd trade him. About three hours after Dwight (Howard) signed. It's just something rivals do." Did Cuban take it as the Rockets sort of rubbing his face in the fact that they got Howard in free agency and the Mavericks didn't? "Definitely, and I don't blame them," he said. "That's fine. But payback is a ****. I kept the text. They called Donnie (Nelson) and I said: are you sure? Have them text me. And I kept the text. Now, I've brought it on the record just to have some fun with it now that we've played them twice we can help them sell tickets next time. I think they need help. Just to build the rivalry up." In the interest of accuracy, the Rockets never said anything in their inquiry about "now that we have Dwight," would the Mavericks be interested in gutting their team. "Just, would you trade Dirk," Cuban said.

Dallas Morning News

Mark Cuban, Getty Images Mark Cuban, Getty Images
November 23, 2013  10:03 AM ET

Revenge Is A Dish Served Best Cold, Bro.

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November 23, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Cuban seems to have a bit of the troll in him, lol.

Astute analogy...

November 23, 2013  11:29 AM ET

Cuban seems to have a bit of the troll in him, lol.

More like a lot...

November 23, 2013  11:33 AM ET

Trade Dirk! Trade Dirk...

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November 23, 2013  11:54 AM ET

Maybe he's got an account here on fn?

Laker blogger????

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November 23, 2013  02:57 PM ET

Cuban needs to get a life. Why all that hatred with all the money, booze and chiks?
it isn't like Dalls is THAT much better than Houston. By bringing this up, he's just showing how much it hurt him that Dwight refused to go to Dallas (like dWIll, CP3, and many more to come). Maybe people don't like you that much Cubes.

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November 24, 2013  01:45 AM ET

I can't believe all these pot shots at Cuban.Texas as a state has earned more success in the NBA over the past 15 years than any other state or region. Here, Cuban is simply showing his competitive nature. He is stoking the rivalry with his Texas neighbor, and it's nothing more than gamesmanship.It's all good, and it's too bad that more owners don't have the passion that Cuban has.


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November 25, 2013  10:32 AM ET

Cuban is a primma-donna.All the news out of Dallas should be focussed on the Mavs and the FANTASTIC play of Monta Ellis. This guy may have finally caught a clue and is playing outstanding team ball.Instead, all the stories revolve around the guy who signs the checks and his perceived slights.

All the local outlets are focusing on the play of Ellis, and how he has already meshed with Dirk much better than O.J. Mayo was able to do. This is just Cuban fanning the flames of an in-state rivarly, much like he does with the Spurs by dissing the Riverwalk.

November 25, 2013  10:33 AM ET


November 25, 2013  03:40 PM ET

Trade Dirk! Trade Dirk...



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