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Shumpert-Waiters deal a no-go


07:29 AM ET 11.28 | Second-year shooting guard Dion Waiters just may be playing his way out of town, but likely not to Broadway. With another report the Cavaliers approached the Knicks about Iman Shumpert, coach Mike Woodson continues to stamp out the perception he doesn't like the Knicks combo guard because he's on the trading block. An report stated the Cavaliers asked about Shumpert as they shop young guard Dion Waiters. The Knicks aren't interested in Waiters as they are looking for frontcourt help, not another shooting guard. ... Woodson is trying to push the right buttons for Shumpert now -- and at least increase his trade value. Woodson met with Shumpert during practice at UCLA on Tuesday following Monday's zero-point, zero-assist, zero-rebound, two-turnover effort.

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Iman Shumpert, Icon Sports Iman Shumpert, Icon Sports
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November 28, 2013  09:10 AM ET

I like the dion for deng deal better.

November 28, 2013  09:42 AM ET

[i]Bring Your Talents To LA, Bro.[/i

November 28, 2013  09:43 AM ET

Dumb trade for both parties involved IMO

November 28, 2013  09:57 AM ET

It's almost to the point now where the Knicks will have to move Shumpert if they are going to make him feel like a second class citizen.Waiters has some talent but if he thinks he can't get the ball from Kyrie and TT now wait until he plays with Melo and JR.

Yeah I think you hit the nail right on the head!

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November 28, 2013  01:22 PM ET

I would prefer Turner over Shumpert--- and dont think they should give up on Dion that quickly...though there are obvious chemistry issues- both Dion and Kyrie want to have the ball in their hands and we know who will win that battle

November 28, 2013  02:26 PM ET

Unless cleveland was willing to take back one of NYs bad contractswhy would they move shump for waiters ?that being said NY has turned into possibly the biggest embarrassment in the league. And IMO they should learn from this year in that melo cannot carry a franchise on his back deep into the playoffs and if they were smart-they would ship him somewhere NOW and try and move either tyson or amare with himI wouldn't say the melo experiment 'failed' cause they did go to the playoffs 3 straight years with him and the decade before was abysmal....but it did not bring NY what they desperately wanted- deep playoff runs.So re-upping him to a kobe-like mega max and hamstringing the franchise for another 4 years is completely stupid as we've seen him not be able to get it done in NYChalk it up to a good ol` college try - and now its time to change direction

Okay... so if we blow it up who are we going to get? Yes Melo's not at Lebron or KD level but he's beans - poor man's beef! What I'm I saying given I'm vegan. LOL. You get my point though?

He'll keep us competitive and with some luck we'll get a player or two that will mesh well with him and get us past the second round... in our lifetime.

Don't forget this is JIM Dolan's show... you can't expect too much common sense.

November 28, 2013  02:30 PM ET

Going into the season I knew Knicks will be a .500 team and that won't be easy. If Cleveland, Washington and Toronto get it together Knicks won't make the playoffs.. we're right where we deserve to be with the injuries and talent level - LOTTERY!

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November 28, 2013  07:22 PM ET

No lottery pick for NY this season. That goes to Denver.

Is it protected?

November 28, 2013  07:24 PM ET

I wouldn't say the melo experiment 'failed' cause they did go to the playoffs 3 straight years with him and the decade before was abysmal.

You gotta be kidding me. That Melo experiment has been a complete and utter failure. I mean you didn't need a top-3 player in the league to just make playoffs? That's what the Hawks do year after year, no super star LOL.

Melo was brought in so Knicks could be a championship contender, and it was a failure. You cannot spin in any other way. Just to make playoffs especially in the east, Galo and Chandler would have been enough.

November 28, 2013  11:04 PM ET


Shumpert- 23 7 pts 4 boards 2.5 assists -- and he is crying about his situation- his last 4 games combined he has less than 15 points even though he is averaging over 28 minutes a game

Waiters- 21 years old 14 pts 3 boards 2 assists and he responded to trade rumors with a little mental fortitude going for 24 pts 6 boards 3 assist on 50% shooting last night.....

please do not make a panic trade...the kid is 21 and has big time talent.....dont give him away for 50 cents on teh dollar because the 2nd youngest team in the league is off to a slow start with a new coach and a new system....

getting a Turner or Deng is one thing---- getting a Shumpert- is quite anoterh

November 28, 2013  11:06 PM ET

if you can get an Evan Turner or Luol Deng.....that can put 15 points up a night while adding some size to the wings....thats fine.....

Shumpert is not the guy- and luckily- the Knicks just dont need him anyway- they cant use their trade chip on a back court player

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