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Should Jason Kidd be punished for intentional spill?


10:18 AM ET 11.28 | On this Thanksgiving Day, if the Brooklyn Nets fans have something to be thankful for, it is the laughs that were provided by head coach Jason Kidd on Wednesday night. The Nets have been a complete and utter disaster this season, but Kidd provided a bright spot when his team was in the final seconds of their loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. Kidd was out of timeouts and was looking for a way to draw up a play in the final seconds, so he marched to the edge of the court and mouthed "hit me" to Tyshawn Taylor, who did as his coach asked. After the contact, Kidd let his drink fall to the court and got a pseudo timeout. As the the spill was cleaned up, Kidd got his chance to draw up a play. It will be interesting to see whether or not the league decides to hand down any punishment to Kidd for his shenanigans. You would have to think it at least warrants a fine.

Jason Kidd, Getty Images Jason Kidd, Getty Images
November 29, 2013  12:28 AM ET

Punished? Yes. This is bush league.

November 29, 2013  01:48 AM ET

Punished? Hell no, in fact he should get a bonus because it's the best coaching move he's done thus far...

And I'm a Lakers fan...

Ask Guam.

Comment #3 has been removed
November 29, 2013  08:46 AM ET

what the hell does Guam know?

I've always respected and appreciated Guam's knowledge and comments on FN. I just don't understand his Jr High Schoolgirl tantrums and mentality...

It's mind boggling!

November 29, 2013  09:59 AM ET

That was the smartest move Kidd has done as a coach. He should be suspended at least 1 game for his "spillgate"

November 29, 2013  09:59 AM ET

You're In Over Your Head, Bro.

November 29, 2013  10:19 AM ET

What is this, amateur hour in Brooklyn? They should run Kidd out of the league. Right now, Kidd belongs in a development league. He's not meeting the professional standard expected of a major league coach.

November 29, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Dude can't even cheat well.

November 29, 2013  01:25 PM ET

What does it tell you about Nets season and their coach? They had to resort to something like this.

November 29, 2013  04:22 PM ET

Clever? He should have be fined and suspended for that BS. Jason did something similar when he was a player. Back when he was playing with the Dallas Mavericks, Kidd made contact with Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson as the point guard dribbled up the sideline. Kidd appeared to initiate the contact with Woodson but drew a technical on Mike Woodson. It was a bush-league, cheap shot move as a player and spill-gate was more of the same as a coach. Not cleaver, more like flopping. His behavior is not something to admire. How did sneaky, faker, deceptive behavior become cleaver or more valued/entertaining than skill and ability? I'll take Popovich, Rivers, Spolstra or Thibodeau's coaching over J-Kidd anytime.

November 29, 2013  06:19 PM ET

Since he has so far gotten away unscathed from several DUI incidents and from beating his wife he thinks he should get a free pass on this little thing, it is in fact nothing compared to the other stuff.

November 29, 2013  09:10 PM ET

I'll take Popovich, Rivers, Spolstra or Thibodeau's coaching over J-Kidd anytime.

So would the Nets...

November 29, 2013  09:37 PM ET

He should not be fined, this time; BUT a warning should be given.

December 4, 2013  05:51 PM ET

silly rabbit


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