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Rivers needed to mend Ray/Paul/Kevin rift


07:24 AM ET 12.09 | For Doc Rivers, it's about bygones, or moving on, or whatever way you frame time healing wounds. Now that the debris from Danny Ainge's demolition project has settled, fences have to be mended. That even applies to members of the late, great 2008 NBA champions. [Rivers] is willing to mediate the fractured bond between Ray Allen and his basketball brothers who still refuse to talk to him, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. "The Ray/Paul/Kevin thing will be fixed," Rivers told the Herald. ... "You forgive. Ray had to make a decision for himself. I was upset about it at the time, but he did so many good things for our team. So it will be fixed. If I have to get involved in it myself, I will, though I hope not."

Boston Herald

Kevin Garnett, Icon Sports Kevin Garnett, Icon Sports
December 9, 2013  07:52 AM ET

It's over. Why even bring it up again Doc? Don't you have better things to do, like mend the de"fence" of BG and DJ? I like the 2008 championship exactly the way it is, a great memory. Nothing you do now will spoil (or improve) that.

December 9, 2013  08:42 AM ET

I do think they will talk again. They all went through a lot together, there's no way they will let it just die off. Ray/KG will probably retire after this season, and will have plenty of time to introspect. Possibly be TV analysts etc, their paths will cross one way or the other.

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December 9, 2013  08:48 AM ET

Next on Dr. Phil...

December 9, 2013  09:34 AM ET

Really? It's time to move on Doc. Do that when the season ends or on your own time. Why are you still worried about your former players? Don't the Clippers need u now?

December 9, 2013  09:49 AM ET

No One In LA Cares, Bro.

December 9, 2013  10:26 AM ET

Doc just can't let go.

December 9, 2013  10:30 AM ET

Doc, you're a "****" to allow this situation to drag on for such a long time. If Garnett and Pierce can't understand that Ray had to do what was best for him and his family, **** them! But Doc should have thrown water on this fire a season ago, the situation in Boston was not ideal and Ray did what any sensible person would have done (go to a more acceptable place), get over it old guys; Ray have won another NBA championship. What's going on in Brooklyn and Los Angeles?

December 9, 2013  10:44 AM ET

December 9, 2013  10:45 AM ET

BTW, Doc you are in LA now, not Boston.

December 9, 2013  03:27 PM ET

He left his 'heart' in Beantown?

December 9, 2013  10:52 PM ET

What is more valuable? Garnett/Pierce friendship or that ring? I have no sympathy for Garnett or Pierce? They seem to have quit on the Nets...

December 10, 2013  11:45 AM ET


December 10, 2013  01:13 PM ET

Hollow words & I like Doc. Doc, Kevin & Paul smack of hypocrisy. One minute you're bleeding gang green the next everybody is on the move. None think they should be called out, but all should have a light shined on their hypocrisy. Allen did what was best for his career and his family, to begrudge him that make all 3 less than the men they think they are. Had mad respect for the careers of Doc, Kevin, & Paul, but when the took the stance that Ray should allow the disrespect that the Celtics organization was showing him I lost a lot of that. Ray has nothing to apologize for and for Paul, Doc, or Kevin to say that he was ever a friend is a flat out lie. A friend might have been sad to see you go, but would have wished you well. On the court I understand being enemies, but off the court the friendship should remain. What I want for myself, I want fro my friends. Words of wisdom to Doc, Kevin & Paul.... "Grow up".

December 10, 2013  09:49 PM ET

He should talk to us after he clears the air on his "thing" with Rondo. Right now, the idea of him being an agent of reconciliation is laughable.

And who says they should put the bad blood behind them. They won't be the first teammates to never speak to each other and they won't be the last. In many people's view, what *the former #20* did was unforgivable from a team sport perspective. He made a personal decision to go to his former team's main rival and took less money to do so. You'd have to be monumentally stupid or grossly indifferent to not know or care that such a move would ruffle someone's feathers. Maybe under different circumstances the move could be understood, but not in this case. On that note, I don't see any reason why Paul and Kevin should try and make things right.


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