Thurs. What do you think of Thurs ... "Terrible." Knighton knew where the questions were going, and he was'>

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Denver DT on NFL: 'They don't really care about us'


07:24 AM ET 12.12 | Terrance Knighton barely let the words come out. It's been just a syllable: Thurs. What do you think of Thurs ... "Terrible." Knighton knew where the questions were going, and he was a week away from having his body banged and bruised only four days after its previous beating. It was Dec. 5, and the Broncos still had a game against the Tennessee Titans wedged in there Sunday, yet the defensive tackle already was thinking in the back of his mind about the game after that. "Today, I haven't recovered yet from playing Kansas City," Knighton said of the game four days earlier. "It's about the NFL, their logo, making money and what the fans want. You know, they don't really care about us." Knighton's opinion -- and variations of it -- has become something of the norm around the NFL.

The Denver Post

Terrance Knighton, Icon Sports Terrance Knighton, Icon Sports
December 12, 2013  07:45 AM ET

As a fan, I love Thursday night football. If I were a played... I doubt I'd be a fan.

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December 12, 2013  08:01 AM ET

No they don't.

December 12, 2013  08:02 AM ET

I hate the Thursday games, partly because I coached HS football for years. I know what playing on Sunday then Thursday does to your body.It's just a money grab.

Goodell would have NFL football 7 days a week if he could.

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December 12, 2013  08:43 AM ET

not saying hockey is as physical as the NFL, especially a NFL lineman, but those hockey guys sometimes have 3 games in three days. And their plays last longer than 8 - 12 seconds. Now I'm not saying hockey is in the same category as football, but it's physical. And how many games in the season? Lots. And their playoffs can run 28 games. I hate Thursday night games too because the caliber of football is not as good as the Sunday games. These NFL guys crying about playing on Thursday night while making $4 million for the year get a long rest the next week. STOP CRYING

December 12, 2013  08:44 AM ET

Who are you, dude?

December 12, 2013  08:48 AM ET

Who are you, dude?

Fan since Johnny U had Ray Berry catching his throws.

December 12, 2013  08:51 AM ET

Who are you, dude?

Dr. Evil he says.....

December 12, 2013  08:53 AM ET

Well, football is a product and the revenue is generated by having people consume said product. It's not like the players are curing cancer or doing what they do for nothing.

December 12, 2013  08:55 AM ET

I'm just saying that watching football another night of the week is not a bad thing. It trumps anything else on tv. All those games on one day, you can't watch them all. What do you guys watch Thurs pm instead of football?

December 12, 2013  08:59 AM ET

Fan since Johnny U had Ray Berry catching his throws.

Wasn't asking about you, my esteemed colleague. You are more than a knowledgeable participant and a good contributor.

My query was pointed at one "Terrance Knighton" and his resume of work.

December 12, 2013  09:02 AM ET

Fan since Johnny U had Ray Berry catching his throws.

And - while I certainly don't go back as far as Unitas-to-Berry, I do recall Unitas-to-Willie Richardson, Ray Perkins, Jimmy Orr and the tail end of Berry's run with the Colts.

December 12, 2013  09:07 AM ET

Then came Joe Namath and that lost Super Bowl. Same year Buffalo Bills selected OJ Simpson. Became a Bills fan and have been miserable ever since (exc 4 year stretch)

December 12, 2013  09:21 AM ET

The cost of mega media deals. Team cap numbers are based on total revenue, minus $2 billion off the top to the owners, then a percentage of the left over. Ya get more revenue and in return more is demanded of you.

December 12, 2013  09:24 AM ET

The flip side to having to play on
Thursday is you get a nice 10 day go easy period afterwards. Nice timing if you are a playoff team..The old double shift and get the weekend free.

December 12, 2013  09:44 AM ET

....and with all this, they want to increase the number of games per season, and throw in more London games????

December 12, 2013  09:54 AM ET

Can't really hate this guy for saying what most of the players are thinking.

December 12, 2013  10:37 AM ET

Being asked to do more for the same pay? Happens all of the time in other jobs. And I'm not sure that your compensation isn't rising (in the long term) anyway, based on what 50 said.

Sorry Terrance, but I don't feel sorry for you. You're much more likely to get injured on the job than I am, but you're also much more likely to own a yacht than I am. Quit football and get a different job if it's that bad.


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