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Jon Gruden may be interested in Texas job


04:51 PM ET 12.18 | With the Texas Longhorns currently searching for a new coach, we all know that they will be trying to get the big-name hire. Unfortunately for the Longhorns, they have already seen a number of potential candidates either say that they are not interested or that they are re-signing with Alabama, so they may have to get creative. One way to do that would be to look to the partner of the Longhorn Network and try to pluck Super Bowl-winning head coach Jon Gruden from the ESPN broadcast booth. In the past, Gruden has said that he does not plan on leaving Monday Night Football for a NFL coaching job, but apparently "Gruden is open to hearing from the Texas athletic department about its football head coaching vacancy."

Jon Gruden, Getty Images Jon Gruden, Getty Images
December 19, 2013  12:54 AM ET

A "source" says he is open to hearing from _____.

We hear this every year. Fill in the blank.

December 19, 2013  01:11 AM ET

I just can't see it.

December 19, 2013  01:21 AM ET

John Gruden is a fraud. All hat and no cattle.

December 19, 2013  01:46 AM ET

I like Gruden and would want him to be the coach of my team, if I had a team and wasn't an unbiased journalist, that is. Gruden is head and shoulders above Mack Brown, so looks like the Longhorns are finally heading in the right direction.

December 19, 2013  02:06 AM ET

probably trying to get a raise from ESPN

December 19, 2013  05:58 AM ET


December 19, 2013  06:29 AM ET

Whatever it takes to keep him away from Dallas is good with me. Wherever he goes I hope he takes that relic Kiffin with him.

December 19, 2013  07:46 AM ET

Amarillo by morning, eh Steve?

December 19, 2013  10:29 AM ET

I just can't see it.

I can't either. After he passed up Notre Dame a few years ago, I can't see him taking a college job. I certainly can't see him being a fit for the Longhorn culture.

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December 19, 2013  11:58 AM ET

He hasn't coached for several years. The spoon-fed quarterback tutorials on TV aren't the same as getting down with recruiting, keeping kids in line who are away from home the first time, scouting more than a dozen teams intensively, keeping contacts going with high school coaches all over the great state of Texas, and so forth. Plus his phony fake good old boy accent. I think Texas fans would soon be gagging.

December 19, 2013  01:17 PM ET

Dont think thats a good idea

December 19, 2013  01:33 PM ET

That would mean that Gruden would only bore an audience of 105 instead millions weekly.

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December 19, 2013  04:16 PM ET

Gruden's current gig is no pressure, huge paycheck, sit in a booth and bloviate about how stupid players and coaches are.

If he took the Texas gig it would be low pay, huge work load, and the possibility of proving he's a craptacular coach thereby losing both his job and his reputation.

To me Chucky has always been a one hit wonder. A bloviator with a reputation built on a resemblance to some evil muppet. So no, Chucky has no plans to be Coach Chucky of any team outside of the broadcast booth.

December 19, 2013  04:19 PM ET

possibility of proving he's a craptacular coach

Do you mean "inevitability"?

December 19, 2013  07:52 PM ET

Gotta laugh that people still believe this stuff from the trolls. He isn't interested in Texas. He wasn't interested in Arkansas or Tennessee last year either. I guess the trolls thought it was so much fun last year that they would try it again.


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