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Rockets plan to keep Omer Asik


04:31 PM ET 12.19 | Over the past few weeks, we have heard plenty of trade talk surrounding Houston Rockets center Omer Asik. In the past few days we have seen the talks reportedly heat up with the Boston Celtics, but it appears that the Rockets aren't satisfied with the compensation they would receive for the Turkish big man and they may end up holding on to him - for now, anyway. Thursday was said to be the day that the Rockets could move Asik, but after plenty of talk with the Celtics and other teams around the league, nothing appeared to work out. Trade talks can take their toll on a player, so Asik has to be relieved that they will be coming to an end for the time being.

Omer Asik, Getty Images Omer Asik, Getty Images
December 20, 2013  12:18 AM ET

maybe he's not worth what the others are asking, idk

December 20, 2013  03:11 AM ET

This is a guy who plays on one side of the ball- and his cap his over 8 million.....along with that 15 million dollar balloon payment (albeit its still only 8 or so against the cap)

I really do not know what they think they will get for this guy. They have very little leverage. He wants out- everyone knows he wants out- and he is not playing particularly well

Does that sound like a scenario where you will get a lot for a guy owed 15 million dollars next year?

the combination of the balloon payment, the lack of leverage, and the fact he only plays defense mean that the Rockets will simply not get offers for anything close to the value they are asking.

Really, what do they think they are going to get? a First round pick and a very good young player? PUHLEEZE! give me a break.

I think Spencer Hawes and a 2nd rounder would be PLENTY for him

I think Lee, Bass and a 1st rounder would be PLENTY for him

heck- I would not trade Varejao for this least Varejao can run the floor a little and can extend to 12 feet on offense and get out and guard the pick and roll.

We all know this guy can guard the rim and is a great defensive rebounder. That is decent to solid for 8 million, and simply ridiculous for 15 million- and with no leverage- Houston is dreaming. The worst thing they can do is keep on employing a mal-content that has gotten so bad that he is just taking games off.

they should have taken the Boston deal or sweetened the offer, or lowered their expectations for a Philly deal.

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December 20, 2013  08:38 AM ET

No One Really Cares, Bros.

December 20, 2013  08:50 AM ET

Recycled story because it didn't get many hits yesterday. Houston is just baiting other teams to give them a first round and more.


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