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Mike McCarthy: Packers can beat Steelers with Matt Flynn


09:56 AM ET 12.21 | When it comes to the saga that is Aaron Rodgers' broken left collarbone, the Green Bay Packers appear to have reached that point. The decision made by what coach Mike McCarthy referred to eight times as "the organization" to sit Rodgers for a seventh straight game was met by measured acceptance if not indifference among players. For Sunday, when the Packers (7-6-1) meet the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-8) at Lambeau Field, and the foreseeable future, Matt Flynn is their man. "We feel that we can beat Pittsburgh with our football team," McCarthy said. "We came in here Monday morning preparing to beat Pittsburgh with Matt Flynn, stated that all along. We feel very good about the preparation."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Mike McCarthy, Leon Halip/Getty Images Mike McCarthy, Leon Halip/Getty Images
December 21, 2013  10:03 AM ET

Can Does Not Mean Will, Bros.

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December 21, 2013  10:29 AM ET

"indifference among players"

They've lost already

December 21, 2013  10:38 AM ET

S.ucks for them.

December 21, 2013  10:45 AM ET

Bring Brett back!!!! At least it will bring some interest to an otherwise boring game!!

December 21, 2013  10:48 AM ET

"Mike McCarthy: Packers can beat Steelers with Matt Flynn"

After what I saw in that game against Dallas ... nothing surprises me anymore.

December 21, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Jest remember, Mike... the Steelers will not give this one away like the Cowboys did.

December 21, 2013  11:00 AM ET

This makes no difference anyway -- the Seahawks will win it all anyway ...

December 21, 2013  11:24 AM ET

This makes no difference anyway -- the Seahawks will win it all anyway ...


December 21, 2013  11:33 AM ET

steelers are peaking but too little too late. they will win this game.

December 21, 2013  01:23 PM ET

If MM, God's gift to coaching, says its so, then it must be so!

December 21, 2013  01:27 PM ET

I have the Steel by 21. Flynn will try and play the he man drop back QB he thinks he is and get creamed all day long. If he rolls out he maybe effective, if not its a long day. The packers have no pass rush so Ben will have a ball in the GB sun.

December 21, 2013  01:28 PM ET

MM is the dumbest coach on the planet. They won a SB regardless of him but that team died. All the big names and skilled players are gone. This team is a shell.

December 21, 2013  01:53 PM ET

I think putting a dude in with a bum shoulder, and hasn't played in 6 weeks, is always your best shot at winning. Why worry about the dudes collarbone or if he is able to play next year?

December 21, 2013  03:36 PM ET

Steelers needed to pack it in weeks ago. We really could of used a lottery pick to shore up the defensive side. LBs and defensive backfield help are needed in a horrible way. This team is 3 drafts away from rebuild complete. Too bad Ben will be at tail's end, but it was a great run with #7 at the helm.

December 21, 2013  03:37 PM ET


Anything can happen in 1 game bro. Watch last year's SB as a reminder.

December 21, 2013  03:38 PM ET

Kind of like the time they beat the Eagles, Giants, Vikings and Lions without Aaron Rodgers.

oh wait...

December 21, 2013  03:47 PM ET

Can but won't.

December 21, 2013  04:15 PM ET

Kind of like the time they beat the Eagles, Giants, Vikings and Lions without Aaron Rodgers.oh wait...


December 21, 2013  04:17 PM ET

Can but won't.

In all seriousness, it's smart. You don't put the franchise player at risk. If he's not cleared, he's not cleared. This isn't Derrick Rose 2.0.


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