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Jets' Ed Reed rips media, critics


10:07 AM ET 12.21 | Ed Reed will be enshrined one day in the Hall of Fame for his prolific safety play as a Baltimore Raven, but the 35-year-old clearly isn't the player he once was. He was cut by the floundering Houston Texans on Nov. 12 before reuniting with his old defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan, signing with the Jets two days later. That hasn't helped Reed regain his All-Pro form. It's natural for a player to decline after performing at a high level for 11 years, but Reed seems to have trouble coming to grips with that, so much so that he ripped into the media Friday for what he believes is unwarranted criticism. While reflecting on his season, he mentioned he learned a lot before knocking reporters for what he believes is a lack of football acumen. "Even reading your blogs (and) listening to your comments knowing half of you don't know as much about football as you think, unless you sit in the film room with us, break film down or even know the schematic part of it," Reed said. "You ask the questions, but that doesn't mean you're an expert at what we do. It's funny to me reading it. I smile at it, laugh at it, but that's your job. Some of your jobs, you take it and try to tear people down," he continued. "You tear the team down. Not understanding it's the team, you'd rather point the finger at one individual. It's not an individual game, it's a team sport, totally a team sport."

New York Daily News

Ed Reed, Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images Ed Reed, Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images
December 21, 2013  10:18 AM ET

Ed you need to look at the calendar . time has left you standing.

December 21, 2013  10:24 AM ET

You're old Ed, stand down!

December 21, 2013  10:26 AM ET

I'm envisioning Nero playing a violin while Rome burns....

Or is that the JJ thread?

December 21, 2013  10:36 AM ET

I'm envisioning Nero playing a violin while Rome burns....Or is that the JJ thread?

Bit of both....

December 21, 2013  10:41 AM ET

Bit of both....


December 21, 2013  10:45 AM ET

It seems like it's more of a "team sport" when the team in question stinks.

December 21, 2013  11:06 AM ET

Cut by the Texans and playing for the Jets?

Enough said Eddy.

December 21, 2013  11:13 AM ET

it is a team sport and this team is mediocre.
the record doesn't lie and neither do our eyeballs.

That being said- they EXCEEDED most pundits expectations but the one area which us jet fans needed to really see is whether the QB can be a viable long term option.
at this point, the answer is likely no
so do we draft another kid or try and make a push for a vet? or both?

I won't rule out geno and he will have a full off-season to improve
but I'd go for a veteran- no reason to draft another project (unless someone falls to the 3-4 round)

December 21, 2013  11:28 AM ET

First he badmouths the Texans and now the Jets. Just shut up & retire!

December 21, 2013  11:39 AM ET

First he badmouths the Texans and now the Jets. Just shut up & retire!

Ooppss, my bad there. Although he should still shut up & retire.

December 21, 2013  12:00 PM ET

I seen worse 'rippin' IMO Reed is walking on the Mild side.

December 21, 2013  12:19 PM ET

Yes Ed, it is a team sport and you were cut by the worst team in the league. I guess it's Wade's fault you took $5 million and shut it down?

December 21, 2013  01:21 PM ET

Dude - you're done.

December 21, 2013  01:52 PM ET

Dude - you're done.

Yup, time to retire, let your beard gray out , and maybe get a job redoing the Sanford and Son show...

<img src="">

December 21, 2013  01:58 PM ET

Dude - you're done.

Try again......

Yup; time to retire, let your beard gray out and maybe get a job redoing the "Sanford and Son" show.

December 21, 2013  02:29 PM ET

Releasing Ed Reed was the best thing my Texans have done all year :)

December 21, 2013  03:30 PM ET

Yeah, it's the media's fault.

December 21, 2013  03:40 PM ET

I do not like Reed, but he is right on it concerning the media....

December 21, 2013  03:43 PM ET

Who's the old homeless guy in the pic?

December 21, 2013  03:47 PM ET

35 years old with two bad hips...
It's time to hang'em up!


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