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Giants to use Prince Amukamara to shadow Megatron


03:58 PM ET 12.21 | The New York Giants secondary will be faced with the tough task of slowing down Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who currently leads the league in receiving. In order to have success in shutting Megatron down, the Giants will call on former first-round pick Prince Amukamara to shadow the Lions top wideout. Amukamara has been playing well this season, but there is no denying that he will be facing his hardest matchup to date. While the tough challenge could cause Amukamara to think twice about his strategy, he has no plans of changing what his strategy has been all season long.

Prince Amukamara, Getty Images Prince Amukamara, Getty Images
December 21, 2013  09:36 PM ET

Calvin Johnson vs prince SI must have the lazy crew in these guys are in the NFL not the NCAA.

December 21, 2013  10:12 PM ET

Calvin Johnson vs. Giants = 300 yards receiving and 4 TD's. Assuming he actually catches the balls that hit his hands THIS week. The ONLY thing that could stop him is himself (or that boneheaded QB that throws to him).

December 21, 2013  10:18 PM ET

Good luck with that.

December 21, 2013  10:41 PM ET

It's not how Megatron will perform, the ill-advised drops last week notwithstanding....

It's how Stafford does.

Stafford and Eli are INT machines.

Expect at least 2 pick-sixes. By who, I don't know.

December 21, 2013  11:02 PM ET

Only a case of the dropsies can stop Megatron.

December 21, 2013  11:16 PM ET

Amukamara has been playing well this season

Kid has yet to live up to the draft hype. At this point, I don't believe that he ever will.

He's got a mediocre 11 pass deflections with 1 interception on the season.

Not exactly the kind of guy you want to leave on an island with Megatron. Calvin Johnson will eat him alive.

December 21, 2013  11:21 PM ET

So Megatron should have a huge day!!!

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December 22, 2013  09:07 AM ET

The Giants are taking the wrong approach. They should just drop back in zone coverage and wait for Stafford to throw it right to them.

You could be right. I know this after watching every Giant game, AmukamukaIasuka couldn't cover Megatron's mom let alone her big Johnson son.

December 22, 2013  10:48 AM ET

Get ready for a lot of close ups, Prince. You're going to be on the highlight reels tonight.

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December 22, 2013  12:12 PM ET

You could be right. I know this after watching every Giant game, AmukamukaIasuka couldn't cover Megatron's mom let alone her big Johnson son.

That makes it sound like Amukamara is going to try to play a game of hide the big Johnson.

December 22, 2013  03:04 PM ET

Putting a Prince on Megatron is going a little over the top isn't it??? A capable DB with a couple helpers would suffice...


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