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Cavs, Lakers discussing Bynum-Gasol swap


02:44 PM ET 12.31 | Since leaving the Los Angeles Lakers, center Andrew Bynum has had as little production as you can imagine for a talented big man. However, it looks like the Lakers are interested in potentially bringing him back to Los Angeles and they would be willing to swap out Pau Gasol in order to bring Bynum back to town. According to reports, the Lakers and Cavaliers have discussed a potential trade that would send Gasol to Cleveland in exchange for Bynum.

Pau Gasol, Getty Images Pau Gasol, Getty Images
January 1, 2014  05:25 AM ET

DJ is a liar

he said i thought Waiters would be part of any Gasol deal? LOL

Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: Report: Jason Kidd losing Nets locker room
2 2nd rounders in the top half of the draft would allow the Lakers to get cheap developmental talent to fill the back of the roster - the saved cash could be used on more free agents or better free agents.....

2 2nd rounders- in such a loaded draft is not a bad proposition for someone like Gasol if it becomes clear that the Lakers are not going to make the playoffs- which is probable at this point

better than getting nothing for him- and you KNOW you are not getting a 1st rounder

why not take Bynum, cut him, save 6 million, take Gee, and a couple 2nd rounders

that was my post...

thanks for giving me another chance to prove you wrong YET AGAIN DJ, can go back and look it up if you would like- its December 28th under the Jason Kidd thread,

just unreal how much you lie DJ...

January 1, 2014  05:32 AM ET

If the Cavs give up a pick I am hearing it will either be their 2 2nd rounders this year- one of Orlando's, one of their own

or possibly Miami's 1st rounder in 2015.

I think the Lakers are ASKING for the Sacramento pick- which is top 12 protected this year, top 11 protected next year, and top 10 protected the year after that- and if it does not switch hands by then- it just becomes a 2nd round pick.

to be honest- id probably rather hang onto the 2 2nd rounders in this loaded draft- and give LA the Miami 2015 1st rounder- and i think the Lakers would probably go for that since i dont think they will have a pick in that draft since it probably either goes to Orlando or the Suns...

January 1, 2014  05:47 AM ET

From Jason Lloyd-

The Cavs will have to give up at least one other player to make a deal work, likely Alonzo Gee. A league source indicated another young player such as Carrick Felix, Sergey Karasev or Matthew Dellavedova, or a low pick, may be required to help the Lakers sell the deal to their fans.

January 1, 2014  05:53 AM ET

after home losses to the Sixers and the Bucks- its clear the Lakers- now over 5 games back of the 8 seed- are simply not going to make the playoffs in the West with their garbage roster

the best thing they could do is great rid of Gasol and go for as high a pick as possible- get out of the repeater tax- and give Bryant as much time to get healthy as possible-

for those reasons- unless Jimmy Buss is on crack- and wants to compete for the 10 seed in the West- i think this deal gets done

UNLESS- Kyrie Irving has a knee injury that will keep him out for an extended period of time- if that is the case and Irving's MRI shows knee damage on Wednesday- then the Lakers will have missed their window of opportunity for this deal and it will be pulled off the table immediately and the Cavs will go into tank mode for Wiggins/Parker/Randle/Exum/Gordon

January 1, 2014  10:28 AM ET

What A Sad State Of Affairs, Bros.

January 3, 2014  01:54 AM ET

holy cow


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