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Browns to interview Josh McDaniels on Saturday


12:33 PM ET 01.02 | The Cleveland Browns are actively searching for their next head coach and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is considered the favorite to land the job. On Saturday, McDaniels will get his opportunity to impress the Browns front office as he heads in for an interview. While McDaniels is the favorite to land the job, Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles are also in the mix. If McDaniels lands the job, prepare to hear discussions about the Browns looking to swing a trade with the Patriots for backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Josh McDaniels, Getty Images Josh McDaniels, Getty Images
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January 2, 2014  07:43 PM ET

As a pats fan idk if McDaniels is the answer in Cleveland. Bellichik doesn't have the most stellar staff and history shows. Cleveland should really look into acquiring Mallet the kid can play plus they can use the pick to draft a different needed position, After all they have 2 first rounders but with Mallet drafting a QB in my eyes isn't neccesary

January 2, 2014  07:52 PM ET

McDaniels thought he could lure Matt Cassel to Denver once he arrived and BB sent him to KC. Browns being the Browns.

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January 2, 2014  08:03 PM ET

McDaniels couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag...

January 2, 2014  08:03 PM ET

How many times does this guy need to prove he is nothing without Tom Brady?

January 2, 2014  08:23 PM ET

How many times does this guy need to prove he is nothing without Tom Brady?

Apparently at least two.

January 2, 2014  08:52 PM ET

maybe he'll bring in Tebow as the Browns QB....

January 2, 2014  09:01 PM ET

Mike Lombardi has some sort of serious man crush on McDaniels. Even when he was an "analyst" on the NFL Network, he always tried to spin that black hole disaster in Denver as somehow not being little McHoodie's fault. Forget about the fact that the football team sucked, McDaniels humiliated the owner with his video taping scandal and had to be fired. That effort was followed by a one-and-done crash and burn as an OC for the Rams that sent their offense into a tail spin and set Bradford way back. Unless Belichick is running the show and the QB is a guy named Brady, McDaniels is a stone cold. lead pipe, absolute disaster.

Cleveland, you don't deserve McDaniels.

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January 2, 2014  09:18 PM ET

This might be Tebow's ticket back in.

January 2, 2014  09:32 PM ET

How many times does this guy need to prove he is nothing without Tom Brady?

He needs to turn in his Blockbuster video card first.

January 2, 2014  09:41 PM ET

McDaniels is a complete joke as a coach. worse than mangini or weis. Go ahead Cleveland hire this dwarf.

His stint in Denver was unsuccessful, to be sure. But, you can't underestimate his value as a coordinator and an offensive mind. Brady loves the guy, and he was able to have a record setting season with McDaniels as the coordinator.

Additionally, Weis performed well as a coordinator in NE and later on at KC. He performed well his first two years at ND as well. As a head coach, that's another story.

Now, this Mangini guy, he stunk it up.

January 2, 2014  10:17 PM ET

Fire on coach because in his FIRST year the team did not improve in the second half of the season, only to hire another who's team fell apart in the second half of the season. McDaniels as HC and Schwartz as DC, a golden recipe for a team GUARANTEED to fall apart as the season goes on!! They are proven for it!

January 2, 2014  11:15 PM ET

Will the suffering ever end for the Browns. It's like they're cursed.

January 2, 2014  11:32 PM ET

Perfect fit for McDaniels.

If there is such a thing then Cleveland would be it.

January 3, 2014  01:59 AM ET


January 3, 2014  10:18 AM ET

Good for Him, maybe he will hire his buddy Mangini to do the defense?

January 3, 2014  10:59 AM ET

With McDaniels as HC, Weis as OC, Schwartz as DC, the Browns could be fun to watch if you're into horrow shows. They could use thier draft choices on the O Line and defense if they sign Tebow as QB with Vince Young and Jamarcus Russel as back ups and Chris Kluwe as punter.

January 3, 2014  11:11 AM ET

maybe he'll bring in Tebow as the Browns QB....

HELL NO! Don't want to see either of them in Cleveland.


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