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If traded, Samardzija won't sign


07:33 AM ET 01.07 | The feel-good story, of course, has Jeff Samardzija pitching at the renovated Wrigley Field well into its future. That would play well back home in Valparaiso, Ind. It would be the reward for sticking through the long rebuilding project. ... But if the Cubs can't sign Samardzija to a long-term extension now, then it's hard to picture any team locking him up before he becomes a free agent after the 2015 season. ... "It would be a very tough sign, but obviously anything's possible," Samardzija said during a recent interview, while visiting Chicago over the Christmas break. "Until that happens, I can't really speak on what would I do. The odds are very slim that I would (sign a long-term deal if I got traded). For any professional player two years out of free agency, the odds they sign a deal are pretty slim."

CSN Chicago

Jeff Samardzija, Getty Images Jeff Samardzija, Getty Images
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January 7, 2014  08:26 AM ET

This guy has done nothing to deserve all the attention that he gets on FN.

January 7, 2014  10:07 AM ET

From Valparaiso right by Chicago, looks distinctive, was a crazy high profile football player at Notre Dame who turned down a likely 1st round NFL draft selection to play baseball for his "hometown" team, where he's noticeably improved every year...umm yeah, pretty sure the reason for the attention is pretty obvious...

January 7, 2014  10:40 AM ET

The article is making Samardzija a Hall of Fame pitcher instead of what he really is a sub-par starting pitcher n MLB.

January 7, 2014  11:48 AM ET

And, according to Atro, the Chicago media is much tougher than the NY press.

The Chicago media is a big pussycat, they don't rip on ANYBODY - hell I just read in the Sun Times Obama's doing a bang-up job, how's that for turning a blind eye to the subject you're writing on?

January 7, 2014  01:25 PM ET

Samardzja says he won't sign for a long term deal before he becomes a free agent in 2015. Not many teams will trade for only two years, and then have to negotiate a long tem expensive deal or let him walk. However if a team offers a nice contract for 3 or 4 years with a hefty raise Samadzija might change his mind. It would be who the team would be and how bad they needed a starter. Samarzija might be one of those summer dead line trades, filling a spot caused by an injury in their to one or two injuries in their rotation.

January 7, 2014  02:07 PM ET

The young man is in a good position.
He can stay in Chicago or be traded and wait for free agency, or he can sign an extension contract before FA with either the Cubs or the team he is traded to.
All he has to do is keep pitching well for a poor team.

January 7, 2014  02:20 PM ET

This guy has done nothing to deserve all the attention that he gets on FN.

Neither have the Cubs.

January 7, 2014  07:31 PM ET

Guess his career will be over then....oh well....

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January 8, 2014  06:55 PM ET

Samardzija has to ask himself Do I stay in Cub landand pitch for a team that will never compete for post season play , or accept a trade to a possible contender.

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