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Ryan's hair holding him back


07:30 AM ET 01.15 | After his turnarounds, credit is no doubt due to come the way of New Orleans defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. [Ryan] arguably had the best performance of any assistant coach in the NFL this season, leading the Saints' remarkable turnaround from the No. 32-ranked defense in 2012 to No. 4 in 2013. But so far, there has been no indication of any teams approaching Ryan for this year's head-coaching vacancies. That's not too surprising, since Ryan had just been fired a year ago as the Dallas Cowboys' defensive coordinator. ... Also, Ryan's renegade personality might play a part in how teams view him as a head-coaching candidate. ESPN's Chris Mortensen said on "NFL Insiders" Monday that he has even heard from multiple executives that Ryan's long hair is a drawback.

Rob Ryan, Icon Sports Rob Ryan, Icon Sports
January 15, 2014  07:47 AM ET

Yeah, you have to wonder if a team wants this as the face of their franchise.

He's going to look just like Rex, too.

January 15, 2014  07:47 AM ET

It may actually be what is under his hair that's keeping him from being a head coach.

January 15, 2014  07:57 AM ET

Fielding a defense that can play the entire game might help. That and a genetic retro-virus to get the Ryan family stench off.

January 15, 2014  08:18 AM ET

I guess Payton coming back didn't have any effect on the team.. It was all Ryan... Yeah.. Sure.

January 15, 2014  08:31 AM ET

More than likely if and when he gets a HC opportunity it will turn out like most other coordinators. FAIL!!

January 15, 2014  08:36 AM ET

I could picture him as the Raiders next head coach, but that's about it.

January 15, 2014  08:47 AM ET

Maybe he should consider a perm and highlights.

January 15, 2014  09:06 AM ET

Being Rex's twin doesn't help, and his hair style is just a visible indicator of a hard to manage maverick. What owner wants that?

January 15, 2014  09:06 AM ET

I'd think his last name is a bigger drawback.

January 15, 2014  09:07 AM ET

This is just silly.

January 15, 2014  09:09 AM ET

....I would think rob would fit well with the raiderz with his hair, enthusiasm, F the world attitude,....but they seem to only hire de$perate/offensive crappy coach's...!

January 15, 2014  09:11 AM ET

Yeah I could see rob as a raider

January 15, 2014  09:25 AM ET

So, the guy isn't going to get a head coaching job because of his hair? This is 2014 right?! If he's the best man for the job, i don't care if he's neon green skinned with a giant glowing pink afro, you sign him. It's about wins in the NFL, not appearances

January 15, 2014  09:27 AM ET

Some players now in the NFL have long hair, tattoo's, and beer guts. Some also have drug and alcohol indications, and most have problems managing their money. But the NFL head coach is put on a pedestal and looks like a new shinny dime until loses pile up and then comes those two words YOUR FIRED.

January 15, 2014  09:39 AM ET

His hair is the only thing that stands between him and winning the Rex Ryan Lookalike Contest.

But, I think DC is where he belongs. Maybe he could be an HC someday, but not yet.

January 15, 2014  09:39 AM ET

I think it has more to do with all the BS the Ryan family brings to the table as a HeadCoach that makes Owners gunshy to hire them.

Being an Eagles fan, I was a huge fan of Buddy Ryan when he coached here for 5 years. But I will say that there is alot of baggage you have to deal with when you hire a Ryan (running their mouths alot, trashing ownership, dividing lockerooms among Offense/Defense), heck Buddy even punched Kevin Gilbride during a game once!

If Buddy or Rex would have won a Superbowl as Head Coach, I think Rob Ryan would have been hired by now. But the risk/reward of hiring a Ryan these days isn't as big as it used to be.

January 15, 2014  09:40 AM ET

Maybe he should just put it in a ponytail LOL!!! Can't wait to see this guy get a head coaching gig and faulter like his bro.

January 15, 2014  09:42 AM ET

NFL needs a "Rob" rule........ 5 head coaching interviews per year must have long hair.

January 15, 2014  09:43 AM ET

Being Rex's twin doesn't help, and his hair style is just a visible indicator of a hard to manage maverick. What owner wants that?

It always amazes me how little we have changed since the 60's. Really, long hair = maverick ?

January 15, 2014  09:50 AM ET

It always amazes me how little we have changed since the 60's. Really, long hair = maverick ?

Sometimes, out of 900 TV channels, the best thing to watch is old black and white reruns of Maverick....


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