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Derek Carr impressing teams with maturity, football IQ


02:35 PM ET 01.26 | Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr entered the 2014 Senior Bowl as the top-ranked quarterback in Mobile, Ala. Throughout the week, Carr impressed NFL scouts and personnel with his play on the field, but that may not even be his greatest asset. According to reports, a number of teams who spoke with Carr throughout the week came away impressed with his "maturity and football intelligence" after interviewing him. To be a successful quarterback in the NFL, you need to have a combination of physical tools and mental strength. There is no denying Carr has the arm talent to attract NFL teams, so the fact that he is doing so well during the interview process and impressing with his one-on-one meetings is a great sign for his draft stock.

Derek Carr, Getty Images Derek Carr, Getty Images
January 26, 2014  10:10 PM ET

Funny, after reading the bio, the sounds just like Christian Ponder, very bright, has a great handle on football knowledge. I hope he has a strong arm and is 6'2 or he is just another average guy.

January 26, 2014  10:49 PM ET

Cool, wait until he throws the ball, especially to the sidelines. Not a lot of arm strength, everything will be down the middle.

January 26, 2014  11:09 PM ET

I have a feeling this Carr could end up being a lemon.

January 27, 2014  12:21 AM ET

I have a feeling Carr will either be great or irrelevant. Not sure which but there's my two cents regardless.

January 27, 2014  12:23 AM ET

The internet is awesome. I mean now if anyone ever wonders if I ever had a pre-draft opinion on Carr's NFL chances they can just sort through 15,000+ comments only to find out I had no friggin' idea.

January 27, 2014  06:23 AM ET

The upside is he can't be any worse than the last Carr that played QB in the NFL.

January 27, 2014  08:30 AM ET

This is the best story to come out of the Senior Bowl ?

January 27, 2014  09:21 AM ET

Lets see...... NFL scouts have been following this kid since he was in Jr. High School and his brother was the star at Fresno St. .

As Harold Melvin and Blue Notes sung: If you don't know me by now you will never, never, never know me.

January 27, 2014  09:38 AM ET

Having watched this dude play against USC...

I'll pass.

January 27, 2014  09:59 AM ET

Jeff George knew a lot about football, had a strong arm and was mature, it's just that he had more success throwing at defensive backs than he did receivers!!! 7 Round brother, or your wasting a pick!!!

January 27, 2014  12:11 PM ET

Now just don't get drafted by the Texans, and don't let them change your throwing mechanics.

January 27, 2014  01:46 PM ET

Yes...PLEASE don't get drafted by the Texans; one Carr was enough!

January 27, 2014  05:40 PM ET

Yes...PLEASE don't get drafted by the Texans; one Carr was enough!

Do you ever wonder how good David Carr could have been, had the texans not screwed with the way he threw the ball?

January 27, 2014  08:37 PM ET

USC made him look like a chump. Wait till he faces NFL defenses.

January 28, 2014  09:59 AM ET

Do you ever wonder how good David Carr could have been, had the texans not screwed with the way he threw the ball?

Right...his failure as an NFL QB is definitely the coaches fault...all of them... on all the teams he played with...


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