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Deion Sanders helped keep Pro Bowl streaker out of jail


02:25 PM ET 01.28 | During the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl, one of the most exciting moments came when a woman in a bikini top streaked across the field following a touchdown from Team Sanders. According to Katrina Torres, aka, the woman who streaked across the field, she made the decision to make her run to honor her paralyzed cousin who couldn't attend the game. When Torres explained why she ran on to the field to security, she says that Deion Sanders overheard the conversation and made a pitch to keep her out of jail.

Deion Sanders, Getty Images Deion Sanders, Getty Images
January 28, 2014  10:50 PM ET

A deal they negotiated in private ???

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January 28, 2014  11:16 PM ET

Saint Deion.

January 29, 2014  01:52 AM ET

Primetime Playa to the rescue....

January 29, 2014  06:51 AM ET

My hero!! Oh frickin' NOT!!

January 29, 2014  07:09 AM ET

This probably plow from the roger goodell.

January 29, 2014  08:23 AM ET

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Valerie, your friends mom makes that money giving BJ's. She doesn't work on her laptop she works in somebody lap.

January 29, 2014  08:52 AM ET

When you rely on Thug-Daddy D-Sand for favors, you know you've hit rock-bottom.

So she streaked because of her paralyzed cousin? If it were her dead cousin, would she have thrown in some twerking?

January 29, 2014  10:06 AM ET

Here's a link to the video
( -streaker-video-pictures/ )

She's easy on the eyes.

January 29, 2014  11:24 AM ET

And she was seen leaving the staduim with Neon Deon........

January 29, 2014  12:27 PM ET

So, running on the field with a top and bottom on is NOW considered streaking??? Those 70's streakers must have did it ALL wrong. Must all our standards be lowered in this country???

January 29, 2014  12:54 PM ET

a couple of months ago Deion got into a heated exchange with an administrator at a school he sponsors (or owns), his agrument was that the kid's grades were not high enough, the school was failing the kids.
Now Deion negotiates the release of a girl who ran the field in honor of her totally disabled cousin, at a cost savings to the tax payer.
I wish there were more sports stars like Deion, he is truly in a class by himself. This is a guy I can have my 11 year old son look up to.

January 29, 2014  04:09 PM ET

And she was seen leaving the staduim with Neon Deon........

And now he can't get rid of her.

January 29, 2014  06:31 PM ET

If this was a fat guy, instead of a hot chick, there's NO way this goes down the same way.

January 29, 2014  06:36 PM ET

If this was a fat guy, instead of a hot chick, there's NO way this goes down the same way.

so what's your point? Guys like hot chicks...duh...


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