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Nets are coming after Durant


07:25 AM ET 01.31 | On Friday in Brooklyn, Nets fans can hope they're getting a look at their future in the form of Kevin Durant. The impending Durant free agency bonanza should start picking up steam next season. ... And make no mistake: the Nets are targeting Durant, the 25-year-old offensive juggernaut, even if it's too early to predict their odds. The Nets could be committed to no salary when Durant becomes a free agent, depending on whether Deron Williams picks up his one-year option for the 2016-17 season. Everybody else is off the books. Durant, who hired former Nets minority owner Jay Z as his agent last year, plays in one of the NBA's smallest markets, if not the smallest, with a dedicated fan base and an owner who has been intent on avoiding the luxury tax. The Nets are pretty much the opposite.

New York Daily News

Kevin Durant, Icon Sports Kevin Durant, Icon Sports
January 31, 2014  07:35 AM ET

Holy Crap so now they are targeting a guy 4 years down the road? Sounds like a solid plan.

January 31, 2014  07:48 AM ET

Please line up with the rest that want Durant.

January 31, 2014  08:44 AM ET

Crazy! Good job Billy King. So you gave up on Lebron?

January 31, 2014  08:48 AM ET

Wasn't Dwight Howard "targeted" by the Nets? Wasn't Robbie Cano supposed to stay with the Yankees after he signed with Jay-Z?

January 31, 2014  09:15 AM ET

for some reason I don't think Durant is leaving OKC

January 31, 2014  09:18 AM ET

All Roads Lead To LA, Bro.

January 31, 2014  09:22 AM ET

Wow *smh*

January 31, 2014  10:06 AM ET

I hope when the time is right that he's starting again for the Sonics

January 31, 2014  12:01 PM ET

Hmm makes you wonder how smart is Jay Z. He became a minority owner of the Nets. When they couldn't make a big splash in the free agency market, he decide to become a sports agent.

January 31, 2014  12:23 PM ET

OKC has a solid core of young players, a consistent winning team, predictable ownership, a tame media that's easy to deal with, and a loyal fanbase that will adore KD no matter what.

The Nets are pretty much the opposite.

January 31, 2014  12:25 PM ET

1, 2 the Net's are coming for you... 3, 4 you better lock your door....

January 31, 2014  01:03 PM ET

Holy Crap so now they are targeting a guy 4 years down the road? Sounds like a solid plan.

The Knicks are targeting lbjs oldest son

January 31, 2014  01:14 PM ET

The Knicks are targeting lbjs oldest son

Well if the son is really LBJ's...

February 4, 2014  02:22 PM ET

KD in Brooklyn with the green light. Nah, I don't see that happening. Nets would have something to go with him at bargain basement prices and that's not going to happen. But the owner does have money to burn and doesn't seem to concerned by the luxury tax. This is definitely one to watch.


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