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Lions say Suh tried to overthrow coaches in locker room


05:32 PM ET 02.03 | The Detroit Lions were a bit of a mess in 2013 and that had a lot to do with the way they were coached -- and the ways that they weren't. Jim Schwartz lost his job at the end of the season but teammates of Ndamukong Suh are saying that he might have been the root cause for most of the locker room mayhem this past year. According to Heath Evans, who spoke on Detroit radio recently, a few of Suh's teammates believe that he was trying to get authority above that of the coaches in the locker room, including the authority of Jim Schwartz.


Ndamukong Suh, AP Photo/Jim Mone Ndamukong Suh, AP Photo/Jim Mone
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February 3, 2014  11:54 PM ET

Deja vu all over again.

February 4, 2014  12:29 AM ET

As a Packers fan, I'm grateful that the Lions didn't hire Mike Zimmer because he would have put an end to that ****. For that matter, so would Pettine that the Browns hired. Instead, they hired Jim Caldwell who was successful in Indy because Peyton and other Colts leaders were a positive influence on the field and the locker room. Suh is going to walk all over Caldwell and ownership will let him because of the size of his contract. If Caldwell isn't successful correcting Stafford's reads and sloppy mechanics, the Lions will revert to being bottom dwellers in the NFC North.

February 4, 2014  01:17 AM ET

There's no such thing as trouble players, but only crappy coaches

February 4, 2014  05:50 AM ET

this Lions/locker-room sounds more like a [prison],......I wonder who's Suh's **** is [I'm jealous].

February 4, 2014  05:50 AM ET


February 4, 2014  06:57 AM ET

But yesterday there was a story (not here) how all his teammates were defending him against allegations he was a huge disruption. So what's the deal with this team? Seems more a mess than anyone thought. They can't seem to get their stories straight. then again..who cares???

February 4, 2014  07:05 AM ET

Maybe Suh knew Schwartz was a piss poor leader... Maybe Schwartz is behind this article.

I don't buy it.

Suh just like a big ole Teddy Bear.

February 4, 2014  07:08 AM ET

Wait.... "FanSided" ?

*Logs off*

February 4, 2014  08:02 AM ET

....I guess if the league won't let Suh abuse opposing QBs, he might as well beat up on his own coaches....

February 4, 2014  08:34 AM ET

Wait until Suh finds out who these unnamed players are.

February 4, 2014  09:01 AM ET

so nice that spam is the no. 1 post.

February 4, 2014  10:04 AM ET

The Schwartz was NOT with him

February 4, 2014  10:14 AM ET

Who didn't know that Suh was the biggest idiot in the NFL? If a coach can't put a muzzle on this moron than they should bite the bullet and trade the ****.

February 4, 2014  10:22 AM ET

"Suh tried to OVERTHROW coaches"
...Kind of like Stafford does to his receivers, at least when when he's not one-hopping it to them

February 4, 2014  10:26 AM ET

Their fate is sealed, they are doomed to 4 years of being bottom dwellers.

February 4, 2014  10:31 AM ET

There is a reason prisoners are not issued keys, can't have the inmates running the jail. If you sign on with the lions, first, you just signed up for prison and second, Suh is the warden.

February 4, 2014  10:53 AM ET

Wait until Suh finds out who these unnamed players are.

He'll accidentally drop his Hairdryer in their jacuzzi .

February 4, 2014  10:56 AM ET

so nice that spam is the no. 1 post.

LOL so that is what got deleted. At least the monitors are doing their job.

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