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Suns still interested in Zach Randolph


12:02 PM ET 02.11 | The Phoenix Suns are being offered a slew of players that teams no longer want, but they seem transfixed on one of the guys who will be hard to pry away from his team. Despite being linked to Evan Turner, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol, the Suns continue to be interested in Memphis Grizzlies big man Zach Randolph. According to Alex Kennedy from Basketball Insiders as well as David Aldridge from, the Suns' interest in Randolph hasn't gone anywhere, despite being told he's not on the market.


Zach Randolph, AP Photo/Alonzo Adams Zach Randolph, AP Photo/Alonzo Adams
February 11, 2014  04:15 PM ET

Zach Randolph could actually be a good fit for PHX. He could be the post presence that could really help them. Anything long term with him is a no-go, though.

February 12, 2014  08:12 AM ET

Why would the Griz trade a player who is the face of the team, community leader on the team, and they are still in the playoff hunt this year?

February 12, 2014  08:20 AM ET

Why would the Griz trade a player who is the face of the team, community leader on the team, and they are still in the playoff hunt this year?

Because he's on an expiring deal, he's drastically getting slower each year and the rest of the team isn't good enough at this point to take them there with him.
Suns have two all-star caliber point guards in Drew Bledsoe (Eric lol) and Goran Dragic. Grizzlies have more of a defensive guard combo of Tony Allen and Mike Conley. I would look for the Suns to overpay on this. Randolph isn't even worth Dragic. Maybe a 1st round protected 12 pick this year or next.
I'd rather go with the 'two 2nd round picks that turn into a 1st round pick protected if they reach 2nd round of playoffs, 1st round pick unprotected if they reach conference finals' and maybe a role player or two to balance the cap swap.

February 12, 2014  08:27 AM ET

I think if I were the Suns though I'd go after Anderson Varejo. He fits the style of offense they utilize and can grab a whole bunch of rebounds against poorer teams. He's logged time at Center (even if he's terrible at it) and can be a two position player with a cheap tag now that he's 30/31.
If you were going to trade Eric or Goran you might be able to pry David West from Indiana but it'd be a hard sell as he's the heart and soul of the team.
Just trying to think of other PF's that could be nice fit for the Suns (They've gone after Pau and Zach so far, both PFs).
J.J Hickson-Nuggets (He's mid/late 20's so a first round protected would get him)
Chris Bosh-(Unless the Heat are looking to sell I'd say unlikely-but heat GM SHOULD sell. Imagine all the first round picks for Bosh, Wade and Lebron (plus players to fill cap space), if one team gets all three as well then you'll know they'll probably resign.
Al Horford would be nice but Atlanta's got the claws in deep on that one.


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