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Ryan Howard not interested in platoon talk


08:53 AM ET 02.16 | Will Ryan Howard be a platoon player in 2014? Will he sit against left-handed pitching? Folks have been asking these questions all winter because Howard struggled mightily against left-handed pitching the last two seasons. His batting average against lefties over the span was .173 (31 for 179) and he struck out 84 times. Howard believes a healthy left leg (see story) will allow him to be better against lefty pitching in 2014. Howard said he does not even think about the possibility of being platooned. "Why would I think about it?" he said. "That's negative. If I think negative, if I think I can't hit lefties, I might as well not go out there at all."

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Ryan Howard, Dustin Bradford/Getty Images Ryan Howard, Dustin Bradford/Getty Images
February 16, 2014  09:05 AM ET

He's got platoon or get some splinters full time!

February 16, 2014  09:14 AM ET

for Howard and the phillies is everything or nothing,the team and the organization are ccounting heavely on the slugger,after all they did gave big hefty contract!!

February 16, 2014  09:26 AM ET

Howard will need more than just 600 at bats,this guy will need more than just the simple basics,
hard discipline its needed in his every day schedulle,its time this player give his best in every game,
there is not enough time knowing that he is getting old and is better that he gets the best out of him this year,if unable to compete then it should be time to retire!!

February 16, 2014  09:35 AM ET

He's got platoon or get some splinters full time!

this slugger when healthy did played great,when injured he would claim all kind of excuses at the end
the only one who is hurting is his own team,know why?because no team should had have gaen long term contract!

February 16, 2014  09:46 AM ET

the Phillies are about to findout the hard way,why?because Howard has a similiar situation as Kemp in the Dodgers team,both guys are alike and the amount injuries aren't going away!!ankle injuries aren't just any simple injuries,just ask Kendris Morales!!

February 16, 2014  09:49 AM ET

Howard hasn't done c r a p since he got the contract.

February 16, 2014  10:20 AM ET

.173 vs lefties over a two year span? Platooning is being kind to him....

February 16, 2014  10:21 AM ET

I suppose if they have the pitcher bat in his spot and he moves to the nine hole and works on his bunting that he could play on game days vs. LH pitching. That might work better.

February 16, 2014  10:53 AM ET

.173 vs lefties over a two year span? Platooning is being kind to him....

you are correct

February 16, 2014  11:12 AM ET

he still has 3+years left on his contract....yikes

February 16, 2014  12:07 PM ET

If the Phillies are out of it by the trading deadline and should be, management should try to move Howard to the AL as a DH and start rebuilding for the future in Philly.

February 16, 2014  12:49 PM ET

If Howard doesn't play against lefties the poor fans will overheat without the power fan he generally provides.

February 16, 2014  03:39 PM ET

Play yourself out of the platoon... Howard you have a spring training to prove different...

February 17, 2014  02:07 AM ET

Howard thought he was the best at one time, poor work ethic and age have now left him with an accurate representation of himself as a baseball player.

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