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Dwight Howard: I have to believe I'm NBA's best player


08:58 AM ET 02.16 | As the debate heated up about the NBA's best player, at least so far this season, Rockets center Dwight Howard said he doesn't consider LeBron James or Kevin Durant to be the league's top player, adding that other All-Stars do not either. "I know I'm going to get a lot (criticism), but I have to believe in myself as being the best player," Howard said. "That's how I think everyone in this room feels. They're not going to say that this person is better than them. We have to believe that. No matter what the stats say, you have to go on the floor with that kind of mentality. I'm the best player on the floor every night." "That's the mentality I have when I step on the floor. I'm pretty sure Kevin does, LeBron does and all these guys in this All-Star Game feel the same way."

Houston Chronicle

Dwight Howard, Getty Images Dwight Howard, Getty Images
February 16, 2014  09:11 AM ET

Maybe you have to believe it, but nobody else has to!!!

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February 16, 2014  09:12 AM ET

I believe I'm the best poster on T&R

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February 16, 2014  09:23 AM ET

Let Your Game Do The Talking, Bro.

February 16, 2014  09:25 AM ET

Well, with Mecca, Mick, and MMA all gone... You have a chance...Then again, we still have Russ, Hollywd, and Dole... So all is not lost.

Why are they all gone? I saw something posted but didn't see why

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February 16, 2014  09:31 AM ET

Basically, they're trying to act like martyrs.Mecca got banned and is refusing to return, and then Mick and MMA are taking a long break from here out of solidarity for Mecca.


February 16, 2014  09:51 AM ET

If he had said I am the best quitter in the NBA many people would have agreed with him.

February 16, 2014  10:03 AM ET

All he needs to shut up his critics is to lead his team to a title. That however is no small feat considering that Houston is at least a couple of players away from challenging the elite teams.

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February 16, 2014  10:14 AM ET

LOL. That's pretty funny stuff.I have enjoyed their posts and banter but I hope that they are not taking this place that seriously. It's all about sharing thoughts with others, sprinkled with humor and some good natured 'trolling'. In other words entertainment.Wouldn't you agree, Frenchie?

I always wear my balaclava when posting

February 16, 2014  10:15 AM ET

I can see what he's saying...and I do believe these guys need to feel that way
And I can see how he is TRYING to say it in a pc way....

that being said-
if he really 'got it' he would not even discuss anything that had to do with individual performances, rather say that it doesn't matter what player is the best- its all about what TEAM is the best

I am one of the few that thinks bill russell> MJ
cause its about who helps his team win championships
and no one did it better than Bill.

February 16, 2014  10:57 AM ET

He's certainly the best at ego management.

February 16, 2014  10:58 AM ET

I guess D Coward thinks HE belongs on the NBA MT Rushmore also...........Sorry Dwight you are just another pebble just like LaBaby

February 16, 2014  11:20 AM ET

Thanks DH, I needed a good laugh... :) - Dude, MWP is not delusional "you are" and when you're out of the league no one will miss you or remember you were even there. Names like Wilt, Russell, Kareem, Shaq, Timmy, the Dream and others big men will always be mentioned but not ( who ). Only when the word overrated, underachiever, poison, or cry baby are used will Howard be spoken of!

February 16, 2014  11:22 AM ET

D12 isn't even the best player on his team!

February 16, 2014  11:22 AM ET

DH is not even the best player on his team.

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