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Beginning of the end for Masterson?


07:35 AM ET 02.17 | In this regard, the Indians front office may lighten its load for later this week. Justin Masterson and Homer Bailey are scheduled for arbitration hearings Thursday, but Masterson could be a solo act in St. Petersburg, Fla. Bailey and the Reds are reportedly negotiating a six-year deal that could be worth $100 million. If that's the case, Bailey will set the market for Masterson and his negotiations with the Indians on a multiyear deal. If Masterson and the Indians can't use Bailey's reported deal to reach a multiyear deal, it could mean that this will be Masterson's last year in Cleveland. He's eligible for free agency at the end of the season. Masterson, 28, and Bailey, 27, are comparable players in terms of service time and performance.

The Plain Dealer

Terry Francona, Icon Sports Terry Francona, Icon Sports
February 17, 2014  09:28 AM ET

Those hats are so asinine and makes the team look like a little league team and the manager has no clue what to do.

February 17, 2014  12:40 PM ET

Those hats are so asinine and makes the team look like a little league team and the manager has no clue what to do.

I think it's the glasses myself, but what do I know?

February 17, 2014  02:19 PM ET

in other words,Masterson will be all alone in the hearing thingy while Bailey is getting rewarded,the reds
are signing Bailey to a 6 years contract for 100 millions and that's that!!

February 17, 2014  02:21 PM ET

the Indians aren't willing to give long term contracts to Masterson or to any other player,why?
because the team is spending their money wisely!!

February 17, 2014  02:24 PM ET

long terms contracts are by far very difficult to dissolve, and with the players been signed to a long term contracts,and with their unability to perform to the teams higher expectations,the Indians are taking higher precautions!!

February 17, 2014  02:28 PM ET

the Angels aren't in a better spot regarding their slugger Mike Trout situation,should the Angels give Trout a long term?and if so how much is not to much?and just IF the halos are unable to sign him what to do then?would a trade should fix the team's financial problem?plus if a trade do occur the team could benefit more than any body else,

February 17, 2014  02:29 PM ET

lets not forget the halos farm system its the worse there is!!

February 17, 2014  04:03 PM ET

The Red Sox have been trying to get him back since they traded him.

February 17, 2014  05:50 PM ET

Those hats are so asinine and makes the team look like a little league team and the manager has no clue what to do.

What would you suggest?

February 17, 2014  08:02 PM ET

$100 million for a .500 pitcher with a lifetime era 4.25? Insane!

February 18, 2014  11:30 AM ET

The reds pitching prospects in Triple AAA is unproven and not ML ready. Cingrani will be taking Arroyo's spot in rotation. Bailey has made big strides the last 2 years with his performance. His fastball has more movement as well as his control. He has matured from just throwing as hard as he could to being a pitcher and locating his pitches on corners and keeping ball down using breaking pitches as well. Bailey is young enough a 5 year deal is not that bad. A decent free agent pitcher would probably cost similar money. If Cueto continues to have problems with lat problems, Latos being ready for opening day after surgery to repair a torn meniscus is unsure. Bailey could be the key cog in the rotation with Latos once he recovers from surgery.


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