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Posted Sunday March 16, 2014, About: The To Do List: Off-Season Fixer Upper
agreed. Pryor experiment did not pan out and McGloin looks good carrying clipboard for true #1 QB. Personally I would say pass on QB in round 1 unless Manziel is there. Watched a bunch of his games and he has a drive to him.....kind of a shorter Stabler to me and he can whip the ball to where he wants. Just ask Saban if he is happy or sad he moved on to the NFL from the SEC.....

No chance we need M J-D. He already had his time. I do like the cap friendly contract we got for McFadden. That is...until he gets hurt again. Really wish we kept Veldere. Maybe there was more to the story of him leaving. I hope so. B/c he was a stud on the line.
Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013, About: no more babes/beer/sports?
yeah looking over the dead groups you are in make me soooo agree with you (note of sarcasm). at least some are trying to remain active and duck and run.

White Lightning II
FN Library Club
Those Who Think FanNation Support Group Sucks!
Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012, About: It's A Win
we need to groom a QB behind Carson - and for the life of me I cannot see it in TP. Why are we wasting $$ on this guy in this role? He still resembles a TE more than a QB.
Posted Thursday September 20, 2012, About: Can you say ugly?
i want to drink whatever he is. start TP? are you high? maybe start him as a DB
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Week 1 - The Backup Long Snapper
Oh - and heeeeeeellllllllllllllllll no
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Week 1 - The Backup Long Snapper
i was thinking the same thing after the second botched snap. just go for it already.

good post, and i wholeheartedly agree with it. Defense was a very positive sign for me. The Kelly benching - awesome. Everyone got that message. Get a flag, hit the bench. We were missing a lot on offense - but we did not do anything to hurt ourselves.

Hey, if SD could figure out where DMC was the score would have been a lot worse! If SD played to half of their potential they level us with our talent right now. They did not, we played up a level - and almost won the darn thing.

Face it - the salary cap hits we took when Big Mac started cleaning house has set us up for the FUTURE. Not this year. Let's all give him a chance to get this right.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Preseason Game 3 vs. Detroit
me neither. over the past few years he has been our most consistent point maker. gonna really need him this year.
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Day 1 at Raiders Camp
just want them to be good enough to beat.....denver. build the team for the future big mac - no more shortcuts....please!
Posted Thursday July 26, 2012, About: Are You Ready For Some Football?
Ravens always come close - but will never get over the hump with that stiff a qb.

personally, i still hate them for that fat punk siragusa flopping on gannon back in the afc champ game. our best team outside of tuck rule
Posted Wednesday June 27, 2012, About: Mini-Camp Notes
new regime in town. tighter rules in the clubhouse. better believe there are some guys working hard to keep their job.
Posted Tuesday June 19, 2012, About: Mini-Camp Notes
and i was wondering where that headache of mine started.....

just improve the @#$^! defense. nice to see that the guys a pumped about getting going on that side of the ball.
Posted Thursday March 29, 2012, About: Slow but Steady
not Denver - we have KC on top (not!)
Posted Sunday March 25, 2012, About: Slow but Steady
good point about palmer and getting some chemistry with our WO's. coming in mid-year into a circus did not pan out there. if he could get the timing right with ford on the fly route.....hello big plays! good to see bush got his $$ after having that atrocious first year adn working thru it. forte better shut up about it tho. he is no AP and not getting those $$. mac...please field a competitive team. next year get more picks and stack us up for a long term run. cannot stay in cap he$$ forever.
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: And Your New Head Coach Is...
I fall into this situation in my own hiring needs - have my mind set on someone and it takes the right candidate to alter that direction. In Mac's case - what I took out of it was that he came off as open minded and deliberate. Two traits as a Raider nut I am not altogether familiar with......
Posted Thursday January 26, 2012, About: And Your New Head Coach Is...
Talk about a hire coming out of no where. I guess until you actually get to know someone, never assume that Winston Moss (or someone else from GB) is coming to town. I respect the move from GM Mac - instead of going the retread hire which I am sooooo against. Who knows, Allen may be the next Spags or the next Schwartz. I am hoping for the latter and looking forward to a more disciplined hard hitting team. Lord knows we have the guys that fit the bill to knock in some teeth.
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Restructure and Renew
WTF.....not your comment but what is with that avatar???? you lose a bet?
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Restructure and Renew
Hue needs to focus on being a coach and let someone else call the personnel shots.

Give him an incentive to be more involved in the GM role - like reduce the penalties by 33% and then we can talk. How can he be expected to police the overall team when no one on the field listens to him?
Posted Friday December 30, 2011, About: One Down, One To Go
you had to remind me of the draft or the lack thereof......danka. maybe we can grab Spags when the Rams whack him next week plus add some help to the defense thru our 2 draft picks....
Posted Wednesday December 28, 2011, About: One Down, One To Go
And SD is playing to keep Norv and that dumba@@ GM - we are trying to go through another game w/o significant injury.

As much as I want the PO - I am hesitant here. So many injuries. So many penalties and TO. Improve our draft position, get more line help and re-sign Bush and go after it again next year. The division is easily winnable if we work those 3 items. Too many stupid losses - Detroit, Buffalo, KS, and Denver at freakin home!!!!
Posted Thursday December 22, 2011, About: Our Season In A Game
excessive penalties.....pourus defense......championships are not won in such ways.....

and it sucks.
Posted Sunday December 18, 2011, About: This Just Sucks, Baby
Even at a cursory glance this blog could come off as a true fan venting about what could have been - looking deeper it comes off a well-put together synapsis of our season. Jason did do us in this year, and until the CP signing I think we would have brought him we are stuck with that bad contract and no picks. As to McF - Bush is actually showing up as the better fit for us. Can he hit the home run every hand off? No, but you think McF can do that kind of damage b/t the tackles? Smash that line and win in the end.

All in all, a flat year off of last year's good feelings. No, we are not beating Detroit. We would if this was an away game - as sad as that sounds. All I want for Xmas is to beat up KC at the end.
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