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Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012, About: Enough of 2012 - Let's talk Draft picks
you are correct - Ogletree is a beast. Would prefer to get more pics though. We have one more year of cap hades I think until Mac can really get major pieces. Right now we are trying to get enough.......core ballers that we can build on later.
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Raiders are EMBARRASSING
6 penalties in one game? I am estatic! that was a typical quarter full last few years. we kept it very close - if not for the darn long snapper mess. after the first one, why couldn't allen send shane and whoever that was outside and practice before the next punt? really - 3 times?

all the guys we lost due to cap reasons (rightly so)......let's not get our hopes up this year. if we can compete and be a disciplined team - watch out next year when we can get back some players!
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: What Now for Penn State University?
Are you smoking crack? PSU hid a child molester over football and not damaging the money machine. I hope they sue them so much the stadium falls in and Paterno's family has to declare bankruptcy. What a shame.
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: Paterno Statue
However it happens it needs to go away and football there might go in hibernation for a while
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Is Matt Leinart a BetterBack-up than Terrelle Pryor?
Bearing in mind that Leinart just came from Knapp's system in Houston and had a reputation for working his **** off in his last stop - I would rather have Matt as well. Terrell needs to be very flexible and do anything to get on the field. If I saw him come out and do the slot receiver/wildcat formation just to get out there - i would like that.

having terrel as #2 would require 2 systems. carson and matt are close in abilities - terrel is another animal altogether.
Posted Sunday April 29, 2012, About: 2012 draft - first one with a new leader
4 for defense, 2 for offense (Terrell still does not count - until he goes over to the slot receiver)

Nice haul for such a screwed up draft selection we started with. Hiope we get lucky with the undrafted crew
Posted Sunday April 29, 2012, About: 2012 draft - first one with a new leader
seems like we are reuniting Knapp with Leinart - another USC alumn along with Carson
Posted Wednesday April 25, 2012, About: 2012 draft - first one with a new leader
me neither. every draft the fastest guy always got tagged "raider" when predictions came in. even if he had no hands.
Posted Friday February 10, 2012, About: Coaching Moves
no problem at all with routt - the cost did not equal the production. mcclain would be my vote - baggage + the seatle lb we picked up did ok.
Posted Thursday February 09, 2012, About: Coaching Moves
after watching our nemisis across the bay excel this past season without a decent training camp - and only by virtue of how organized a team can be - we should be optimistic over our odds. the west is sooo weak. kc - please. denver - cellar dweller at best. sd - norv is back, need we say more? we have the better athletes. need a better system.
as for me - i am on board. not with allen - he is an unknown and needs to prove himself. i am on board with mac and what he is doing up front. so far, so good with his moves i say.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Greg Knapp?
oh yeah - big ol' al isn't at the podium scaring everyone with his projector q&a as he speaks to change. this time it feels more.....pedistrian almost like we are now going to become politically correct. if that fields a better team and more W - than fine. if not, how about we return to being the crazy a holes that scares people?
Posted Wednesday February 01, 2012, About: Greg Knapp?
true. during the last decade while we stunk up the joint i took great delight if our only 2 wins of the year was against denver
Posted Wednesday February 01, 2012, About: Greg Knapp?
denied talk? i thought if a move was considered lateral than they could refuse. this would be a promo.
and if we could remotely resemble what SF did in their secondary this year with ours next year....i am all for that. what a hard hitting group.
knapp has done well since the JMR era. so has my dog. he now poops in his yard w/o me yelling at him! (point is, anyone on earth would fare better after sir purple drank left the raiders)
Posted Tuesday January 31, 2012, About: Rolando McClain's Fate
a few takeawys from the article i read that covered the presser was that Mac was on the same page with Allen from the get go.

the season tix q&a - now that was a very good call/idea. as to mcclain - i have not read up on everything he did but i can imagine it will go over well with the new regime.
Posted Tuesday January 17, 2012, About: So Long Hue
I saw that KC article and raked a few of my KC budes over the coals for that one. I knew Haley was too tightly wound....but bugs and cell phone taps.....come on. As to the rest of it - the whole article seemed one sided. Either way - keep up the good work Pioli!
Posted Thursday January 12, 2012, About: Was Hue Jackson working for Cincinnati all along?
Hue is not that bright - or he would have been able to remedy the penalty sickness my Raiders had. Anyway, I think he mortgaged so much with Palmer in order to make the playoffs - and making that would have saved his job when the new regime took over. Luckily.....this was not the case.
Posted Thursday January 12, 2012, About: So Long Hue
The more Hue says the more it hurts his chances with the next owner......he would do well to shut the **** up. No one likes a cry baby or a media hound when times get tough (just ask Martz how well his time went post St Luis).
Posted Wednesday January 11, 2012, About: So Long Hue
The quote I was looking for from Mac's conference gave me a reason to smile about our off-season:

"Why wouldn't I take this job?" McKenzie asked. "This is where I come from. I'm back home now."

Truer words have not been spoken in a long time......
Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: So Long Hue
After that blow out end of year press conference with Hue and how poorly our team did with penalities.....I came away ok with this move. What would we all think if Hue and Mac tried to coexist in '12 only to get the same results? Go ahead and cut the cord.

Going forward I would think that anyone on the Packer Family that has ties to Silver and Black would merit consideration for the HC job. I will see how it plays out and then pass along my thoughts.

Did anyone see Mac's news conference? Talk about struggling at the mic! Mac was searching for words, had dead air, an overall poor public speaker. And you know what, for once I could care less. Who gives 2 sh$)s how our GM does in front of the cameras? I only care that he rights the ship and makes us all proud again. No more sub .500 decades....ok mulitple .500 decades......
Posted Saturday January 07, 2012, About: Raiders Hire McKenzie
Speaking of KC - what about if they pass over Romeo - he as a DC would be a great pick up!
Posted Friday January 06, 2012, About: Raiders Hire McKenzie
and once again......former Raiders always come home! McKenzie played LB for us back in the 80's. Al would be proud here.

Now for to instill some discipline and a decent DEFENSE and let's take the division next year!
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