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Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: Dallas a hot Rod away from title run?
way to not address any of my points. i'll even concede a bad series vs. golden state, if in fact a 19.7/11.3 series average is considered "bad." they had a fantastic game plan against him and it worked to perfection. avery was way outcoached by the guy who had spent most of dirk's career right by his side. guess who else were crappy in that series?

you dont have to put on the KG act to not be soft. the guy just gets it done and gets it done much more often than your normal nba player. he's easily a 1st ballot HOFer. his lack of "flash"y (pun intentional) plays does not take away from his talent.
Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: Dallas a hot Rod away from title run?
dirk being soft is such bullsh it drives me nuts. name me one player to return from a high ankle sprain faster than dirk. name me another nba player that has 2 teeth knocked out of his face in a playoff game and they only miss less than a quarter of game time before going back in. name a another 7 footer that up until this season (missed 9 games with a knee injury) played in at least 76 games (plus playoffs) every year but his rookie year.

as far as not clutch in the playoffs, it should be noted that his mpg, ppg, and boards all go up in the playoffs vs the regular season. he's been carrying average teams and horrific centers while having to play nellie ball (where's HIS ring) and a drill sergeant and all the while figuring out a way to get his team to 50 wins for 11 consecutive years. and now, in his 12th year, he may be playing his most productive ball of his career. again, how many 7 footers can say that? how many players TOTAL can say that?

people need to lay off dirk in a major way.
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Mavs to go easier on Dirk
come on now. because he doesnt talk a bunch of smack, he's not tough and he's not a competitor? are you high? this is the same guy who came back faster than any other ATHLETE in ANY SPORT from a high ankle sprain to continue to compete for his team. he had his teeth knocked out in a playoff game vs the kings only to miss oh about 3 min and come back in the game to win it. he has played countless clutch games in the playoffs vs the spurs and his overall playoff numbers are better than his regular season numbers (25.6/10.9 54%FGP vs. 22.9/8.5 47%FGP). he didnt wilt in the finals (and remember he had a 50 point game vs the suns in the WCF to get to the finals), dwade stepped up and so did the whistles.

he had a crap series vs the warriors, i wont argue that. but it hardly keeps him from superstar status. he is without a doubt a superstar and a first ballot HoF'er.

you may now pick your crack pipe back up.
Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: Rangers eyeing Nady, Lowell
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