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Posted Wednesday July 21, 2010, About: Reggie Bush Heisman Trophy
Ya Reggie.
USC is sending their copy back, now it's time to send yours.
Posted Wednesday July 21, 2010, About: Pat Haden taking over for Mike Garrett
I think everyone saw this coming a mile away. The negative press on Garrett has been unbelievable - and deserved. Not that I want to see USC back on top, but we don't need them dragging down the Pac either! LOL
Posted Saturday July 10, 2010, About: What I would "like" to see
I would like to see the Pac continue to play every other conf school.
But barring a move to 14 game schedules, that doesn't look possible after this season.
Posted Wednesday July 07, 2010, About: USC exodus.
It is true the NCAA is allowing the juniors and seniors to transfer without sitting out 1 year.

On a side note, however, according to ESPN Los Angeles, "the Pac-10 would not waive the one-year transfer ineligibility rule in this case."

So, effectively, if any juniors or seniors leave they will not be staying in the Pac.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: usc will win the pac 10
All that being said, I still see them losing a game or two that they are favorited in.

I foresee @Arizona as a possible 'trap' game, since they are @OSU the following week. And they ARE 2-2 with OSU over the last 4 years.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: usc will win the pac 10
Good analysis.
Yes, the trojan defense was in ruins at times last year. Stanford and Oregon were excellent rushing teams last year due to playmakers and talented QB's, but the USC D DID allow those 2 to run all over them. --- As every fan and coach knows, YA GOTTA STOP THE RUN! - lol.

Word is the O-Line has a few new starters. Receivers-wise, they lost Damian Williams. But the recievers they have are supposed to quite talented - if they want to be. So we'll see how that pans out for them. I'm sure a lot of it will depend how well the running backs produce also.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: tcu will go 12-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see OSU, BYU, Air Force and Utah as the main stumbling blocks for them.

I think OSU and Utah are going to be losses. But they DO get OSU in Ft Worth, so that COULD be a TCU win.

If they can split those 2, then split BYU and Air Force (both in Ft Worth), they could end up 10-2.
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: usc will win the pac 10
And this should be USC's last year of being preseason Pac favorites, as all those great recruits start heading south on the 110 for a REAL school!!
(though we've been recruiting very well the last few years)

Not that I'd rub in the SCHOLARSHIP LOSSES on my rival or anything! - lol!
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: usc will win the pac 10
As much as I hate to admit it, USC COULD win the Pac 10.
(but so could Oregon or OSU)

-loaded with talent and have a great staff
-get Oregon, UW and Cal at home

Oregon returns tons of playmakers but has Q's at QB
OSU returns 16 starters but is breaking in a new QB

On the downside (for USC - lol)
-play AT OSU and UCLA (definite loss!)
-UW should be even better and MAY win at the Coliseum

Personally, I see USC losing to UCLA and either OSU or UW.
So that would give them 2 conf losses.

BUT, I also believe Oregon and OSU have very tough roads to the Pac Championship.

OSU plays AT UCLA, UW and Stanford - (could be 2 losses there)
Oregon has the brutal stretch of UCLA, @USC, UW, @Cal, and UA - (could be 2 losses there)

So it could come down to tie breaker rules but I wouldn't be surprised if a 7-2 (conf) USC wins (BARF!) the Pac.

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