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Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: Significant snag in Vikes stadium
They wouldn't have needed the bonds if they had accepted an offer from the White Earth tribe. They offered to pay about $400 million toward the stadium for the rights to build a casino in a sort of run down section of the downtown area. Plus, the net revenue from the casino would have been split between the tribe and the State of MN. But 'no' said the Mn legislature. We want to do things the hard and expensive way. See the article at http://www.minnpost.com/glean/2012/04/white-earth-tribe-offers-400-million-stad iumcasino-package
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: Lions seek the anti-Schwartz
The 'Anti-Schwartz'? Sorry, Vince Lombardi and Paul Brown are not available.
Posted Monday January 06, 2014, About: Can Detroit keep its Big Three?
Remember to buy your Pizza! Pizza! Hot and Ready. Keep Scherzer, Verlander and Miggy in Tiger uniforms.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Michigan QB showcasing NFL skills
No high draft picks perhaps, but Tom Brady has had (and is still having) some success at the next level.
Posted Friday September 06, 2013, About: No timetable for Mauer's return
He got his concussion banging his head against the wall over the Twins management's inability to sign some quality players.
Posted Friday September 06, 2013, About: Cleary waiting on the Wings
Maybe he is waiting 'in the wings'
Posted Tuesday August 06, 2013, About: Peralta done in Detroit?
If he is sincere and contrite about his indiscretions and does the good and right thing from this point on he should receive another chance in Detroit. So far he has said the right thing by saying he has no excuse and made a mistake, unlike Cruz who had a medical problem and instead of going to team doctors for advice and treatment he went the low road.
Posted Monday June 24, 2013, About: Verlander ineligible to pitch in ASG
He needs to start throwing strikes. He gets behind int he count and they sit on the heater and belt it. Before he could mix in the change and curve and keep them off balance. Batters have learned not to swing at balls outside the strike zone which he throws a lot.
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: Datsyuk signing Tuesday for ...
Go Wings!
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Wings intent on 'upset' special
The Wings have a good chance to get to round 2. But then they will probably get the $#*%Blackhawks. I foresee an awesome Chicago/Pittsburgh final this year. It is also fun to see all of the original 6 teams in the playoffs foir the first time this millenium!
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Verlander offers music to Motown's ears
Every contract is a gamble, but Verlander sure looks like one of the better ones. Go Tigers!
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: Red Wings to name Henrik Zetterberg captain
Congrats Henrick! I raise my hot and ready Pizza! Pizza! tonight to you. Go Wings!
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Babcock: 'We could end up like bowling'
The powers that be in Hockey have lost their minds. They will take years to recover (if ever) from the lockout, with salaries and profits plummeting for everyone connected. It is too bad that someone or some group could not step up and just start a new league, sign the best players and get it going. It is a great sport, beautiful to watch when two great skating teams go at it.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Tigers dueling with Cubs for Sanchez
Get your Hot and Ready from Little Caesar! Help pay for the Tiger Superstars. I'll take a large pepperoni, please.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Kershaw to become a $30M man?
Ilitch will throw a big chunk his way, too. I do not see Verlander leaving the Tigers at that time.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Fitzgerald's dad rips 'pathetic' Cardinals
He'd look good lining up with Jennings and Nelson at Lambeau with a QB who can get the ball to him. Or how about Fitz and Megatron in Det next year? Yummy thoughts!
Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Brees has lost his magic
One bad game and it's all over. Sheesh, why are we are so ready to write obits?
Posted Friday November 02, 2012, About: Yankees after Torii Hunter?
Torii is one of the really good guys in baseball. I would root for him whereever he plays. If he signs with NY I predict he hits about .280, 20-25 homers, 80-90 RBI's in 2013. Will you take that?
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: NFL's most (and least) liked player
Suh is misunderstood.
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Will Boston wait for Leyland?
Correct, Leyland is going nowhere, except hopefully to the White House to accept the congrats of the President on winning the World Series. Then back to work to win another one!
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Twins could promote entire Class AAA staff
Tough decisions are upcoming like trying to trade Morneau or even (gasp) Joe Mauer (nah, there's always room for a .325 hitter, isn't there?) and load up on some decent starting pitching. Span, Revere, Mauer, Willingham, Doumit, Plouffe - are 2/3 of a decent lineup. Savvy GM Terry Ryan can find a couple others to fill the rest.
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