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Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: NFL teams eyeing Oregon's Kelly
I can't remember if these votes are secret or not, but if not it would be interesting to see how different parts of the country voted, the extent to which they didn't put OSU or Bama #2, etc.
Posted Thursday March 24, 2011, About: Tressel out ... Meyer in at Ohio State?
Agreed...clearly somebody that doesn't know/understand OSU football or how people feel about Tressel. Yeah, he screwed up, but we're not gonna throw him under the bus for it.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Okay, predictions Sports Fans! I'm predicting Miles will go. The challenge and potential to be part of Michigan lore (along with some pretty hefty $$$) will prove too much for him to stay. No doubt about LSU's great program, but I think this is a challenge he won't be able to walk away from.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Geez, maybe somebody already said it but seems so obvious...'all depends on if Les thinks the grass is greener someplace else'...
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Agreed, but Alumnus (whoever he/she/it is) is clearly just a Troll tool...
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Ah, but I'll have to take exception with this statement, and you might look at recent rankings. Ohio State is ranked very's really worked on the academic side of things over the last 20 years or so. The average ACT scores (across ALL programs) for incoming freshmen this last fall was 28.5.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Agreed; ties to alma mater are pretty damn strong, and the chance to leave a lasting legacy and be thought of along with Bo is pretty compelling.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
My brother works at Ball State and he was very impressed by Hoke, until that is he left. But I guess that's what you have to do. In any case, it sounds like Hoke has a lot of potential.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: LSU's Miles denies Michigan talks
A perfect example of the points from earlier posts. Well, let me respond, Tiger Lily.

Les is NOT the best coach in college football, but he might be/probably is the luckiest in that his mistakes didn't cost him games the way they normally would (and probably will in the future).

The Big 10 is NOT a "really crappy conference", but that's the standard SEC kool-aid line.

And while it might seem incomprehensible to someone who only values winning above building and creating, the draw of restoring Michigan to what it was (even not too long ago) COMBINED with $$$$$$$$$$$$ is something that could be very powerful. Oh, by the way, every time you SEC folks mention the SEC's record against OSU, you might try also mentioning the SEC's record against Michigan. OSU is the only team that's really struggled against the SEC...the rest of the Big 10 have typically done just fine.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: LSU's Miles denies Michigan talks
+1. Well said.
Posted Sunday January 09, 2011, About: LSU's Miles denies Michigan talks
First, yes, the SEC has done well the past several years, and no one is denying that. Part of the problem is, however, that many SEC fans assume they've always been the strongest and always will be the strongest, and that no one else plays great football. That kind of arrogance is ridiculous and unfounded, but more than anything else it's annoying. I believe your comment about "no one would be shocked if FL, AL, AU, UGA, UTK, LSU played for the national championship next year" is pulled from the same article that said the Big 10 had a very strong argument for being the strongest conference less than ten years ago. Ask your average SEC fan if they think that....or if they think the SEC has ever NOT been the strongest conference. And by the way, I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if any of those teams was in the NC game next year, but NOT because they'd deserve it, but more because they'd get a "pass" by playing in the SEC. Or do you REALLY think that all of those teams could be stronger than the others out there?

I think most people outside the SEC would agree that the most annoying and unsportsmanlike fans are those FROM the SEC, and not because they cheer on their teams. It's because so many of them believe that great football has only been played in the SEC...never HAS been played elsewhere, isn't played there now, and never WILL be. And that's pretty stupid and NOT borne out by the facts. Oh, by the way, (and this is a tired old argument), try looking at where NFL players actually come from (by conference). The actual facts might surprise you.

The bottom line is that there is great football being played everywhere, but IMO all this "conference strength" crap makes it harder for us to just talk teams...instead we've got to spend time defending our conferences.
Posted Saturday January 08, 2011, About: Longhorns chasing Wisconsin coach
Yep, in particular with JoePa being a couple of plays away from a 31-30 win over Florida...definitely MUCH closer than the score suggested.
Posted Saturday January 08, 2011, About: LSU's Miles denies Michigan talks
+1. Buy a snowthrower, some good Carharts, and you're good to go! :)
Posted Saturday January 08, 2011, About: LSU's Miles denies Michigan talks
At some point, when you've got all the money you need (and the Hatter probably has all he'll ever need and more than he ever thought he'd make) then other things become pretty important. The allure, the challenge of restoring the Michigan program would be, IMO, very compelling.

On a side note, loved the quote from a Kentucky player on Pitt's running of the ball, namely that because they ran well, they ran "like an SEC team". Maybe all of us slow conferences with no running games can learn from y'all! :)
Posted Wednesday December 22, 2010, About: Early favorite to win '11 title? Oklahoma
Yep, and with a pretty short memory...
Posted Tuesday December 14, 2010, About: Hoke angling for Michigan gig?
Yeah, agreed. I understand that geography was the third concern, but c'mon...there's GOT to be something better than this.

My prediction: Within two years we'll have new designations for the'll either be purposeful when these guys realize the L and L is syrupy, or there'll be informal designations that will catch on and ultimately be adopted. At least, I'm praying that one of these two scenarios comes about...
Posted Monday November 29, 2010, About: Harbaugh's 2007 comments a problem for UM?
Same thing I heard...was talking with two TSUN fans that looked "connected" and one of them told me that RichRod was going to be gone no matter what happened in the OSU game. As for giving him more time, I agree with (FJJs?) comment about other coaches turning things around. At the very least, he's been there long enough to let people see light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn't sound like they do. You also have to wonder where RR would go; definitely has some baggage or at least it seems that way to me. We'll see, but in any case I agree with my Buckeye Brothers that for the sake of the rivalry and the conference (and CFB in general) we want to see Michigan a great team again.
Posted Sunday November 21, 2010, About: Wrigley win may save Zook's job
Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it was an interesting idea. Wrigley's got a lot of tradition so I can see how it could be fun.

That said, if you were one of the guys playing on the field and you crippled yourself (or one of your sons did) by running into the wall, you'd feel differently. These are young men, but that doesn't mean they need to take stupid risks, and luckily for the players, the people in charge of the event realized there were safety problems that needed to be addressed. Lame rules? Sissyfied? You mean for things like those "sissy" concussions? Potential life threatening or debilitating injuries? Little stuff like that? You DO realize that you're in the wildly small minority of people who follow college and professional football that think that way, right? Most people (including the people who really know the game) realize that the game has recently needed some additional safety precautions, and they're doing them.

And T&R a peanut gallery? Hey, I don't post here a ton but I read the comments and most of these guys (even my friends from the SEC) know their stuff and provide insightful comments (and the occasionally even more enjoyable avatar). Launching all over them just because they disagree with you is the peanut gallery move, pal.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Alabama not tough enough for Saban
Thanks...this gave me a much needed laugh today!
Posted Sunday October 10, 2010, About: Highly touted RB picks Michigan over Alabama
Forget stats. Ask people who know about business, not just college football. UM has a great business school and their graduates are in positions all over the world (just like other strong schools). In any case, my point was a simple one...this kid made a decision which seemingly included the quality of education, and I see no reason to bash him for thinking beyond the next 10 years.
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: Highly touted RB picks Michigan over Alabama
King, as much as I hate to say it, Michigan's business school is very strong (we/OSU are not doing so bad ourselves...ranked 14th in the country), and if he gets through their program he will NOT be unemployed. I take this at face value...sounds like he realizes his life is not always going to be about football, and he wants to get a great education at the same time he's playing for a storied program. Seems to me that this is the kind of decision that we would like more students to be making.
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