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Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Take I havent Heard on Paterno... Sanity?
[i]He forwarded the information given to him to the people he thought would take care of it.[/i]

That comment alone should forfeit this TD for you. If you witness a CRIME in progress, do you call your boss...or the police?
The argument is assinine. Noone is calling Phelps the greatest Olympian of all time. That point could be argued ad nauseam. He is however the most [b]decorated[/b]. And that is not debateable.
What pisses me off most is the fact that even after they were made aware of what was going on, not only did they cover it up, but they did nothing to keep the kids out of harms way. Where was the voice of reason that said to Sandusky, "what the hell are you doing?" If Mike McQueary had witnessed a shooting or a robbery in progress, do you think he would have called his father, or the police?
At the end of the day, Penn State got off light. This program should have been [b]SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY[/b] for a minimum of 4 years. The $60 million in fines is the equivalent of 1 years revenue. For the next 4 years, there will still be 100,000 fans in the bleachers every Saturday, and the most heinous atrocity in the history of college sports will be forgotten about for 2 hours every week.
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: DJ asked for it. Part 1
Dallas Mavericks. Playoffs....playoffs....you kidding me???
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Manny Pacquiao, you dirty, dirty, cheater.
I personally hate needles too... [b]and have no tattoos,[/b] but for $50 million, I could be persuaded. I can't say for sure whether or not Pacquiao is 'dirty,' but I have serious issues with his reason for not being tested.
Apparently there are some here that are too young to remember how the pros became involved in the Olympics. When our amateurs were clearly superior, other countries began using professionals. We would stand no chance today with legitimate amateurs.
Posted Saturday April 14, 2012, About: Tim Tebow's work ethic- Public perception vs. private reality
Tebow's 'work ethic' is like everything else surrounding him--all hype. I'd like to know what he's working on. It's been 2 years now, and he still can't throw a football. Maybe he should be praying for a better than 48% completion percentage. The Jets are toast. If you're bringing in Tim Tebow to solve a problem at quarterback, something is amiss.
Posted Thursday February 09, 2012, About: Is Eli already a Hall of Famer?
Tghe book is still being written on Eli. As of today, [b]NO[/b].
Posted Sunday October 02, 2011, About: Predict the Ohio State Buckeyes regular season record
Anyone that's been around this site longer than a week, knows Hllywd hates Ohio State, but I'm sure they will manage to win one of the games they've been picked to lose. I'd guess 6-6, or 7-5. I hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it.
A Chicago jury actually acquitted him and his seven White Sox teammates of any wrongdoing. Unlike Rose, there is no legitimate reason for keeping him out of the Hall of Fame. There is proof of Rose' gambling, and he lied about it for 20 years.
Posted Wednesday June 01, 2011, About: After not much deliberation....
Of all the potential coaches that were available to the Lakers, Mike Brown has got to be the worse choice. Brown has proven on more than one occasion, he doesn't have the knowledge or understanding to succeed on the big stage.
Posted Sunday May 29, 2011, About: Defend yourself: Is Kobe "untouchable?"
Kobe has earned the right to retire a Laker. However, as ridiculous as it may seem, he could probably be had if the right deal presented itself. Having said that, I doubt anyone could give the Lakers what they'd want to trade him, so he's probably safe. As far as Buss allowing 1 player to be a distraction--he's done it before. Magic fired Paul Westhead. For that reason, Kobe is probably safer than Mike Brown.
Posted Friday May 27, 2011, About: The Durant-Westbrook issue
Nobody in his right mind would give up Chris Paul or Deron Williams for Westbrook.
Posted Friday May 27, 2011, About: The Durant-Westbrook issue
OKC will watch the rest of the playoffs on TV because Dallas had 4 guys (other than Dirk) that at different times stepped up, made shots, and played defense. Westbrook, who never saw a shot he didn't like, refused to involve his teammates in the offense. There is no excuse for not getting the ball in the hands of your best player when the game is on the line. When Durrant did get the ball, he was often unable to do anything with it because Westbrook only passed the ball when his only choice was another bad shot.
Posted Thursday May 05, 2011, About: Should Scott Skiles of the Milwaukee Bucks be fired?
Drew Gooden played in just 35 games.
Carlos Delfino played in just 49 games.
Brandon Jennings played in 63 games.
Andrew Bogut played in 65 games.

That's a total of 116 games. What were you expecting? [b]No coach is any better than his roster.[/b]
Rings don't necessarily make you a player. There's a difference between being on a championship team, and being a champion.
[b]NO![/b] Last night's game should tell you all you need to know about Kobe's game. He jacked up 29 shots for 36 points and no (zero) assists. Kobe may very well be the most talented player of his generation but he lacks leadership. This is the reason the Lakers were a perennial 1st round knockout before Gasol. Everybody on the floor was a better player because of Michael. This just isn't the case with Bryant.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: I am the master debater
Obviously you've never played the game. It's extremely difficult to hold your emotions in check while being mugged. Howard suffers from what I call Darryl Dawkins syndrome. The refs have him targeted and all he has to do is be in the area, and it's a foul. At the other end they seem to swallow their whistles. Not having him in your top 5 is definitely your loss. He controls the game at both ends of the floor.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: I am the master debater
Don't get it twisted; I think Rose is great, but he's no more an MVP than Russell Westbrook.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: I am the master debater
Try Dwight Howard.
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