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Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: 'Bama out to flip Notre Dame QB commit
Mastered? If he's really Satan you mean invented.
I watched the game. I saw it in live motion, and I watched the replays on TV.

His knee was down. The referee's screwed up completely, twice at the end of the game. ASU should have been flagged for a delay of game penalty, and the refs should have spotted the ball a heck of a lot faster.

For the record I'm not a Badger fan, not even remotely, but Wisconsin has a legitimate complaint.
Posted Sunday February 24, 2013, About: Johnny Football files trademark infringement lawsuit
I think he should consider trademarking "Johnny Stupid" as well as "my 15 minutes of 'Johnny' have passed"
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: RB's commitment brought Hoke to tears
Obviously you're a clear ND homer, but I'd think you'd reconsider your opinion of ND after how badly you were embarrassed against Alabama. To call Michigan a regional power despite being the winningest program in CFB history just because of a few down years is laughable. RichRod drove the program into the ground, and I think it's debatable of who was a worse coach for either program, Rod or Weis.

If it wasn't for your avatar I'd wonder if you were from somewhere near an SEC school, where it seems many people have short memory spans and seem to think the last decade trumps over 100 years of CFB.
Posted Sunday January 13, 2013, About: Report: NCAA may deliver Miami allegations Monday
Even though I disagree with the NCAA's decision, they're not going to levy a greater penalty against Miami then what Penn State got for the simple reason that they don't want the list of failures on the U to somehow equate a greater crime then raping little boys. So I would not expect Miami's penalties to exceed, much less come anywhere close to the PSU penalties.
Posted Tuesday January 01, 2013, About: O'Brien's buyout could double to $18.4M
Normally I wouldn't say anything, but I think there's a larger issue at work here. First off I abhor Sandusky, Joe Paterno, and the rest of the PSU brass who allowed this to continue. I refuse to believe that Paterno didn't know what was going on, his claim about not understanding boy on boy love is complete baloney. Paterno would have studied Greek history and Roman history at Brown, for him to state that he didn't know was baloney and a pure fabrication. I'm reminded of that old lady who spent her entire life believing that the Crystal Skulls were real, and when National Geographic did some analysis with a scanning electron microscope to reveal actual groves from an experienced polisher, but a very real human creation. She told herself the lie so often that she probably wholeheartedly believed everything about it until the day she died. Paterno and company lied to themselves rather then face the reality that they had allowed a child molester to take advantage of kids who were unlikely and unable to rock the boat. I can only imagine the boy who was in the shower with Sandusky upon having McQueary show up, only to see that nothing happened because of it.

I cannot imagine a bigger disappointment to a child when they realization came to him that nobody cared enough to do anything, nobody cared enough to stop a monster from hurting an innocent child. His life will be ruined forever because of that.

I realize that the penalty system by the NCAA is imperfect. I realize that when the NCAA punishes the Penn State football program, they are in affect punishing the entire university. In a larger scale they are punishing the entire Big10 conference, a neutered Nittany Lion program has a lingering effect on the in-conference games as well. Penn State won't vie for the conference title for probably another seven years at minimum.

But be that as it may, there are some things are more important then football. The lives of children, should be the most important thing in the world, and it's not, the thought that anyone would allow a child to be hurt, is atrocious.

It's no different then how the penalty's that were levied against Ohio State, USC, and eventual penalty's at Miami and Oregon will likely effect players who weren't even enrolled in the program when many of the violations if not all of them occurred.

But there's no perfect solution here. If the NCAA did nothing, don't you think that would have been worse? Can you imagine the backlash if the NCAA just said sorry but there's nothing we can do about it? Wouldn't that be an even great injustice?
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Bowls smother college players with swag
Yea, because all they're going to do is stuff the bills into a stripper's g-string anyway.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Cincinnati's Mick Cronin vents on Big East, pay for players
Okay, let's go ahead and pay all college athletes. So you can't just pay football players, or them and basketball players, so a University like Ohio State that has a larger entire athletic program than any other school in the country will be paying money out for a couple thousand students. So after all of that is said and down, each athlete will be getting paid about .28 an hour.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Cincinnati wanted Urban Meyer's help to join the ACC
I don't see the advantage, adding UC doesn't add any television revenue, and until the Bearcats join the AAU, it's irrelevant anyway. I know they're close, but they're not there yet.
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Hoke may use Robinson for one symbolic play
Uh, not to start a dispute here, but you can teach speed. You can teach anything if the person is willing to learn. Plenty of Olympic sprinters and distance runners apply technique's and methodology to improve their speed. You can apply the same thing to any sport including football...
Posted Saturday July 28, 2012, About: Report: Prostitute rips off SMU players
Uh, maybe this she was a he, and that was why he decided not to pay the $50...
Posted Saturday June 23, 2012, About: Playoff 'solution' only spawns more controversy
I'm afraid only older people will ever want this, and when enough of us die off, it'll be a thing of the past.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Michigan-Notre Dame series in jeopardy?
No offense intended, but I really don't think Michigan is afraid of ND for an OOC game...Except maybe for that first year with Rich Rod as he drove Michigan's program into the ground, and continued to keep digging the hole even deeper...
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Jefferson to make college choice Tuesday
I have met Matta at the Spine Center on campus a couple times before when he was going in for work. Frankly, after I read about what Coach Matta has gone thru in terms of his physical disability, he is an over achiever and frankly a better role model to young athletes then most ever get a chance to have.

There are more important things in life then NCAA victories, and Matta has so much integrity and confidence, I am happy that we have him in the first place.
Posted Friday May 11, 2012, About: The next Cam Newton
Nah, Tebow would be the "silver" standard (see how many of you catch that one). $cam get's the Gold value based on his NFL Worth...
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Davis on Noel: 'I think he's better than me'
I don't think you know where money comes from for most colleges.

how is it that so many colleges at the division I-AA, division II, Division III and smaller function?

Colleges get most of their money from sources other then sports, and for the vast majority of colleges sports pay for sports, and that's it. Very few schools in this country operate an athletic institution like Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, or LSU where football teams and other athletics bring in money that operates such a profit. That's the exception, not the norm.
Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012, About: Davis on Noel: 'I think he's better than me'
Your arguments about comparisons to Europe are totally irrelevant. It's an apples and oranges comparison, college sports in Europe doesn't have a market for money (and corruption) like they do in the US.

College is absolutely a place of education, it is the very definition of a "University" but sports honestly have corrupted it from it's original foundations.

You can call it all you want, but the purpose of College is supposed to be about education, and we have allowed sports to become more important then they used to be.

For any of you to say otherwise shows just how out of touch our society has become from the very purpose of college, and an insult to the vast majority of people who attended college and don't play a sport for their university.
Posted Monday April 09, 2012, About: Petrino may not outlast latest storm
Jim Tressel never walked out on his wife in his life, don't associate this lying SEC dbag with Tressel. If anything JT fell on his sword to save his school.
Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: Cavs holding cap space for LeBron?
Personally, I think Cleveland should sign him, and then let him sit on the bench until the final 30 seconds of every game for the rest of his sorry and selfish career.

He doesn't deserve to wear the Cavaliers jersey, period.
Posted Monday April 02, 2012, About: Va. Tech female kicker can't make cut
yea, but it would mostly be chicks with big boobs....
Posted Monday April 02, 2012, About: Sullinger undecided on entering draft
The more I see of Jared Sullinger, the more he reminds me of Maurice Clarett.
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