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PS Most tragic has to be Marshall Plane Crash.
Most tragic or graphic?!
Either way I gotta go with Joe Theisman being tackled by Lawrence Taylor. Good I still get a little sick just thinking about it.
Most graphic was the 20 angles of Tim Krumrie from the Bengals in the Super bowl breaking his fibula and tibia and seeing his lower R leg just flop around like a piece of meat at 20 angles while Madden was drawing up the play by play of the pained look on Tim's face.
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Cheater caught red handed
You got the same zipper on your waiter too ehhh?!!
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Cheater caught red handed
He digraced his sport in the actual sense of the sport. hmmmm.....
On one hand it's like taking steroids one could say, causing harm to yourself and your sport, but on the other hand making the sport a point of redicule to those freakin tree huggers puts me over the edge. I'd be ok with it if he was catching people from Peta and shoving extra weight in them but there already too inflated as it is. I gotta go with the life time ban because by cheating like this he not only ruined the rep. of the sport but also killed the fish and made the fish unusable and as much as I vile and hate tree huggers like peta who would kill 10 people to save a freakin bug, I gotta say sporting to not yield a bountiful harvest is completely wrong. either caatch and release or catch and eat but tainting the catch is too much to bare witness to. Thus I say lifetime ban is in this unique case appropriate. Good TD!!
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Dan Gilbert had every right to go off on James.
I am a Cav's fan and a Cleveland fan through and through.What James did isn't just a debacle to himself and his sport as was made evidence by the NBA Commish., he betrayed the loyalist fans he would have ever had, the people of his home town and state! I lived 4 city blocks from St V's in Akron and I used to walk it to see him play in HS. To think Cleveland wasn't where he wanted to play is a myth. He wanted to play for the CAv's and wanted to be the home-town hero. But I think the best analysis ever was by SI's Rosenburg.

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